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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
The Ab Prince Pro is a device designed to work the abs and abdominal belt. With these 4 resistance levels offered, beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional, the device can be used by users of all levels. The Ab Prince Pro takes the concept of the Ab King Pro since it offers a range of motion of 200 degrees, but what really sets it apart from these competitors is the Twister system for working obliques.


If you've been sweating in the gym for a long time to get rid of belly fat or love handles, then you know how strenuous it can be.

The Ab Prince Pro is meant to be a way to achieve your goals for a flat stomach and tone your core. The Ab Prince Pro is sold as an ab machine that focuses on the upper, middle, lower, and obliques abs to make sure you get a toned stomach and slim your waistline.


The Ab Prince Pro is an abdominal machine similar to the Ab King Pro offering a range of motion of 210 °.
Most abdominal machines on the market cause neck pain and back and often do not target all abdominal muscles, focusing only on the upper abs and leaving the middle abs and obliques left behind.

Indeed, with normal abdominal exercises, you train your abs only during the ascent phase. With the Ab Prince Pro it's different since you work your abs both up and down. So you get a double effect when you do the movement. However, what really differentiates the AB Prince Pro from the AB King Pro and other abdominal machines is the Twister Technology that is at the heart of this equipment.

According to the designers, this system allowing you to perform rotations puts more strain on your abdominal belt and more particularly the obliques. The equipment can support a weight of around 113 kg, which is suitable for the vast majority of users but can be restrictive for overweight people. The Ab Prince Pro is ergonomically designed to support your neck and back throughout the exercise. The sturdy frame keeps you in good position so that you maintain an upright posture (an ideal training posture) which avoids excessive muscle stress. Be careful though if you are tall or short, the Ab Prince Pro is available in one size. The backrest and the bench are quite comfortable with their thick padding. Sometimes the edge of the bench puts a lot of pressure below your knees, which can cause pain.

The product can easily be folded and stored under the bed or stored in the closet. It doesn't take up much space. You will only need to remove a few pins.


The multi-level resistance range is simply dependent on the level of backrest tilt and can be adjusted to suit your own fitness level. Choose from one of four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro. With these 4 resistance levels, Prince Ab Pro is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The Ab Prince Pro, although it is aimed more at beginners, is therefore suitable for everyone.


Although anecdotal, hooks that can accommodate resistance bands (at an additional cost) are scattered in different places of the device.


  • Type Type 1
  • Type NC
  • Foldable YES
  • Max Weight NC
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Easy to use
  • Involves upper, middle, lower abs
  • Twister technology for obliques
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Good back support
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Fairly easy assembly


  • Very high price
  • Does not allow weight loss
  • The Ab Prince Pro is not listed as a machine designed for weight loss
  • Not suitable for all body types: the Ab Prince Pro is not designed for very tall or very small users
  • The amplitude of 200 degrees can cause hyper extension back and neck muscles
  • Pain below the knees possible
  • Resistance: not suitable for advanced users
  • Durability


Overall, the Ab Prince Pro is easy to use and delivers real results. Along with toning your abs, proper use will strengthen your back and improve your posture. It is however very expensive to provide just a "light" workout for your lats and obliques, the twister option is not really one as the resistance offered is low.

The Ab Prince Pro allows you to work your abdominals, but is not designed as a machine to lose weight. Performing abdominal exercises can help reduce body fat, but not overall weight loss. People looking to lose weight need the right diet + exercise combination.

While this device actually works, we recommend that you buy a good old-fashioned decline bench for your sit-ups. You can also look to its direct competitors, the Ab King Pro and the Confidence AB MASTER Pro , which for a much lower price, offers similar characteristics, except for the irrelevant Twister system.



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2.5 / 5