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ISE SY-1701 Pull-up Bar Door Body-Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym Rowing machine Kettler Kadett
ISE SY-1701 Pull-up Bar Door
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Body-Solid EXM2500S StrengthTech Home Gym
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Rowing machine Kettler Kadett
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User's rating
Type Door
Type NC
fastening Pose
Prise Large
Telescopique NO
Dimensions 40.2 x 11.3 x 2.4 in
Weight 9.2 lbs
Min - Max NC
Max Weight NC
Garanty NC
Resistance Max NC
Number of exercises NC
Weight Rack 210 lbs
Adjustable Seat YES
Carter NO
Max Weight NC
Dimensions 83’’ x 51’’ x 83’’ in
Weight 446 lbs
Garanty NC
Type Latin
Flying Wheel NC
Type NC
Type of resistance Hydraulic
Levels of resistance NC
Number of Programs NC
LCD Screen Monochrome
Foldable YES
Transportation wheel NO
Backrest NO
Height reglable NO
Cushion System NC
Dimensions NC
Dimensions (folded) NC
Weight NC
Max Weight NC
Max User Height NC
Garanty NC
Bottom line
The Kettler Kadett is an interesting piece of equipment. It faithfully reproduces the action of rowing on water, but is it necessarily the best way to get in shape? You will either love it or hate it, so we recommend you try this one first before you buy. If you like action, then this is a good compact machine that will find its place in your home. But if you are not a fan of intense training sessions, you will not use it.

In addition despite a good overall quality, the Kettler Kadett has an Achilles heel, its hydraulic system that doesn't have a great reputation for durability, and piston replacement can be expensive.

This rower could be more competitive by lowering the price, but for $ 599 it's too little. If you are absolutely looking for a Scandinavian rower, we advise you to turn to the Kettler Favorit, which costs only 450 €. If you have a bigger budget, you can turn to a cheap non-hydraulic rower, like the Kettler Coach M which is a much more reliable option with its magnetic resistance. Apart from the Kettler brand, some inexpensive alternatives are also possible like BodyCraft rowers.
  • Faithfully reproduces the movement of rowing
  • Comfortable design / good comfort of use
  • The build quality (true to Kettler)
  • Solid frame
  • Stability for a compact machine
  • Possibility to adjust the settings according to your size
  • Se folds for easy storage
  • Battery operated
  • Good warranty
  • Price too high
  • Movement not suitable for everyone
  • Change in resistance levels inconvenient
  • Slightly long assembly
  • Uncomfortable and uncomfortable footrests not very stable
  • Resistance system has its limits
  • Replacement of pistons to be planned
  • Meter / on-board computer accuracy
  • Meter unit / language