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Capital Sports Azura 2 X-Bike Circle Glide Cross Trainer 5 Minute Shaper
Capital Sports Azura 2 X-Bike
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Circle Glide Cross Trainer
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5 Minute Shaper
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User's rating
Type of resistance NC
Flywheel Weight NC
Levels of resistance NC
Number of Programs NC
LCD Screen NC
Foldable NC
Transportation wheel NC
Backrest NC
Seat height NC
Heart rate monitor NC
Adjustable Height NC
Backrest Adjustable NC
Multipositions Handlebar NC
Handlebar Adjustable NC
Dimensions NC
Dimensions Folded NC
Weight NC
Max Weight NC
Seat Handles NC
Tablette Support NC
Max User Height (feet) NC
Min User Height (feet) NC
Garanty NC
Power Supply NC
Type Type 1
Type NC
Foldable YES
Number of exercises NC
Dimensions NC
Weight NC
Garanty NC
Type Type 1
Type NC
Reclining YES
Foldable YES
Number of exercises NC
Max Weight NC
Dimensions NC
Weight NC
Garanty NC
Bottom line
As with many fitness equipment, there is always a risk that it is just a gimmick, but the Circle Glide doesn't seem to fit into that category. Fun, playful, original, this device is designed for beginners or people returning to exercise and it does what it claims to do.If you are looking for a device that allows you to work the inner thighs and the glutes, this may be the tool for you. It works well, but its low resistance will quickly limit your progress and like any fitness device, for there to be results, you must use it correctly and regularly, with a healthy diet and complementary physical exercises.

It is therefore on the whole an innovative and affordable and effective product which nevertheless suffers from some faults such as the lack of solidity and too low resistance. In short, the concept is good, the design and durability could be improved. Make sure before you buy this or any other fitness equipment that you really use it and that it doesn't end up in the basement.
With the 5 Minute Shaper, you will have an effective total body workout, but contrary to what the manufacturer claims, you will not get convincing results with just 5 minutes of training per day.Nevertheless, unlike most fitness equipment. abdominals sold on the market (see AB Circle Pro), this 5 Minute Shaper, because it demands your cardiovascular system, will allow you to obtain results.Like the ProForm Ab Glider, we therefore recommend this device to people who want to lose weight, in addition to other exercises and a balanced diet. To see the full Ab Glider review, click here.
  • Playful and Fun
  • Easy to use
  • Works the adductors, glutes and obliques
  • Involves the upper and lower body
  • Relatively silent < / li>
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable resistance / Possibility to change the rubber bands
  • Easy to use
  • Device works all muscle groups
  • Straining the cardiovascular system
  • Combines cardio workout and toning
  • Foldable device and space-saving for easy storage
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Maximum user weight
  • Good quality and fashionable
  • Durability / solidity
  • Low resistance
  • Requires some adaptation time
  • Does not put enough stress on the cardio
  • Not suitable for all body types
  • Not suitable for advanced users
  • 5 minutes a day is not enough to lose weight
  • If improperly used, can cause pain in the back
  • Does not work the obliques
  • Durability (depending on the brand)
  • Only 1 exercise: can be off-putting