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Wondercore Rock N Fit - Vibration Plate Circuit Fitness Deluxe 986 Rower Marcy MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym Station
Wondercore Rock N Fit - Vibration Plate
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Circuit Fitness Deluxe 986 Rower
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Marcy MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym Station
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User's rating
Type Vibrante
Power 200 watt
Number of Engines 1
Vibrations per second NC
Frequency NC
Number of Programs NC
Number of Steps 20
Number of 3D Axes 1
LCD screen OUI
Support / Handlebars NON
Max Load 150 lbs
Board dimension NC
Weight 61.5 x 38 x 13.8 feet
Poids 14.5 lbs
Consumption NC
Garanty 2 years
Type Tirage Central
Type of resistance Magnétique
Levels of resistance NC
Number of Programs NC
LCD Screen Monochrome
Foldable OUI
Transportation wheel OUI
Backrest NON
Height réglable NON
Dimensions NC
Weight NC
Max Weight NC
Max User Height NC
Garanty NC
Resistance Max NC
Number of exercises 30
Weight Rack 150 lbs
Adjustable Seat NON
Carter OUI
Max Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 68’’ x 36’’ x 79’’ in
Weight NC
Garanty NC
Pec Dec Arms
Chest Press
Military Press
Preacher curl pad
Vertical Pull
High Pulley
Middle Pulley
Low Pulley
Leg Extension
Leg Press
Hip station
Roman Chair
Pull up Station
Inclined Bench
Bottom line
The Wondercore Rock N fit platform is therefore a device at the standard of the category. Easy to use, it allows you to practice in a more fun way while soliciting different muscle groups.

However, in our opinion, it lacks a bit of power compared to the competition, but makes up for it with its complete ready-to-use package.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of this type of device. The platforms are a useful addition but in no way replace the practice of a regular sporting activity and a healthy diet.


  • Good for muscle building
  • Makes muscle groups work differently
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and non-slip
  • Quiet and powerful enough
  • Remote control
  • Pack supplied complete


  • Does not allow weight loss
  • Not effective on its own
  • Power a little low