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CITYSPORTS ‎CS-WP1-1 Handlebar TRX Suspension Trainer Compex SP 8.0 Electrostimulator
CITYSPORTS ‎CS-WP1-1 Handlebar
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TRX Suspension Trainer
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Compex SP 8.0 Electrostimulator
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User's rating
Type NC
Type NC
Power NC
Levels of resistance NC
Number of Programs NC
Resistance Steps NC
Inclinable NC
Inclinaison NC
LCD Screen NC
Foldable NC
Transportation wheel NC
Dimensions NC
Running Surface NC
Weight NC
Max Weight NC
Dimensions (plié) NC
Cushion system NC
Handle NC
Tablet Holder NC
Speakers NC
Garanty NC
Resistance NC
Nombre d'elastique NC
Rangement / Sac YES
Dimensions NC
Weight NC
Number of Programs NC
Number of electrodes NC
Battery life NC
Wifi YES
Garanty NC
Bottom line
The Compex SP8.0 is a very practical and efficient device. While the price is significant, but it is in relation to the quality and the overall capacities. If the device offers a wide range of functionalities, in particular in terms of programs, the main contribution of this SP8.0 lies in its wireless technology, a real plus compared to other models in the Compex SP range. Professional equipment par excellence, it is ideal for improving performance, recovering and preventing muscle injuries.Despite the explanations provided on their action, the numerous programs as well as the PC interface may scare away beginners and the pro version used by physiotherapists. is not useful for home use. We therefore recommend it for healthcare professionals and regular athletes. This device is intended for intensive use. The possibilities are such that most users will only use a small portion. If the wireless option is essential for you and you intend to use it fully, it is a good investment, otherwise we advise you to turn to a less bloated model such as SP6.0 .
  • Innovative and fun device
  • The TRX is lightweight and portable, allowing its use in a variety of locations
  • The strap and handles are manufactured with resistant and solid materials.
  • The device allows movements in three planes, offering a functional challenge for the postural muscles.
  • The TRX allows the accomplishment of exercises for people of different fitness levels and skills.
  • Exercises performed on the TRX can complement a workout.
  • Simple to use and practical
  • Number of programs
  • Effectiveness of programs
  • Miscan functions
  • Mi-Autorange function
  • Possibility of creating your own programs
  • Wireless technology
  • The TRX is a bit expensive
  • At first the exercises are difficult (especially for new users)
  • The DVD and the educational brochure that accompanies the system are well produced, but could offer a wider variety of exercises.
  • Many of the exercises offered by the TRX can be performed more easily with other equipment, such as Swiss balls and tubes elastic.
  • Holding of electrodes
  • Quality of materials declining
  • Introduction price