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TEST / FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The FitTrack connected scale is a scale designed for the whole family.With its automatic recognition for up to 8 people, it will allow everyone to follow their progress in complete confidentiality.


In the increasingly competitive Healthcare market, brands are redoubling their efforts to innovate and find products that will occupy a prominent place in our daily lives.

The FitTrack connected scale is designed for the whole family. Equipped with internal memory and automatic recognition, it can recognize up to 8 people while ensuring confidentiality for each user.

Operating with an application and thanks to 4 sensors placed under the unbreakable glass plate, it allows in particular to measure your weight, BMI, percentage of fat , muscle, water and bone mass, basal metabolism, age of your body or the degree of obesity. All measurements are transmitted, stored and analyzed in your smartphone via Bluetooth.

In addition to being connected, this scale is intelligent since it adapts its algorithm according to your physiology (sporty person or not, muscular, with a rapid metabolism or high BMI ..).


Design 0/5

The device is aesthetically successful. White, clean, compact, elegant, we can see that attention has been paid to the finishes.

But even more than the design, this scale surprises with its finesse and lightness.

There is also a feeling of robustness in the device, but we will come back to this in the dedicated section.

Size /dimension

The scale is, as we said above, very compact, and although this contributes to the u00ab cuteness u00bb of the latter, it becomes a negative point when you have large feet (I am 45 and my feet are totally above the scale). however does not seem to impact the measurements.

Facilité d'utilisation 4.0/5

The FitTrack was operational in 2 minutes, the time to put batteries (the device works with 4 batteries not included).

IF you just want to know your weight, nothing could be simpler, climb on the scale, by placing your feet on the 4 sensors placed under the unbreakable glass pan and directly read your weight on the large LCD screen.

But what makes it a real smart scale is its app. To use it, nothing too complicated since all you need to do is install the FitTrack Pro application, and connect the device to the phone via Bluetooth.

Précisions 1.5/5

We are very divided on this point. We have indeed used this scale for three months. And if the first 2 months seemed realistic to us in terms of measurement, from the 3rd month inconsistencies appeared.

For example, there were deviations from one weighing to another. In 5 minutes we could see our weight vary from 700gr to sometimes 1kg.

In order to verify the reliability of these measurements, we have been I had to take out the good old needle scale (yes yes those of the doctors) and compare the results. So I weighed myself on a medical needle scale (very reliable). And the sentence is final, it is one kilo lighter.

We have been testing the device several times and we have all noticed inconsistencies, and this despite a precise protocol, namely that we always weigh ourselves at the same time, in the same place (on a stable and level surface) and the batteries have been changed regularly.

90 euros for an unreliable device is still annoying. We contacted the after-sales service who simply advised us to remove the batteries and put them back. Pity. Maybe our model was broken, but until we get another one, we can only give a 1.5 /5 rating here.

Application 3.0/5

The application, available for Android or IOS in French, is quite intuitive and easy to learn. It allows you to have a regular follow-up and to see the evolution of your weight according to your morphology. Unfortunately there is no clear explanation of the different measurements, which makes it difficult to read for people who have never used this type of device before.

Although the synchronization with the phone is easy, we can nevertheless regret the low range of Bluetooth. It is imperative to have the phone right next to the scale or nothing will register, and you will have to retake the measurement.

The connected scale adapts its algorithm depending on whether you are a sporty or muscular person with a fast metabolism or a high BMI with varying degrees of precision.

All measurements are then transmitted, stored and analyzed in your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The option of automatic recognition until u2019 8 people guaranteeing complete confidentiality for each user is especially handy if you do not want your spouse to see your data.


  • Modern design
  • Light weight
  • Getting startedfast
  • Recognizes up to 8 users


  • Reliability of measurements
  • Lack of explanation of measurements
  • Range of bluetooth
  • < / ul>


Overall this connected scale is rather disappointing. Despite its modern design and its intuitive and complete application, reliability is not at the rendezvous. At the same level of quality, other brands (YOUNGDO, RENPHO) offer similar products for much lower prices.



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3.5 / 5