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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
You can't improve on what you can't measure, and the Fitbit Aria is currently our favorite device for keeping tabs on weight-related health stats. Your detailed weight, BMI, and graph data are automatically uploaded via WiFi to your Fitbit account, where you can track your results with the latest fad diet or for more meaningful feedback (and action) in the long run. on your body - something you can't easily do with a traditional scale. As well as being precise, the Aria is compact, strong and stable, and can be combined with the brand's other devices to visualize your progress and achieve your goals.


The more years go by, the more we need to be active. Daily or even daily weight monitoring for some people has become something of the utmost importance - to the point that some people even buy a scale for their office. Always on the lookout for the latest technology, we looked at a new weight management device: the Aria Fitbit Wi-Fi smart scale.Particularly satisfied with the Fitbit products so far, so we left with an apriori One of the great advantages of systems like Fitbit is the fact that every piece of data you enter into the system clarifies the overall picture and helps you achieve your goals. Wireless trackers are a key part, providing information about your activity. Using an app to track your food intake and calories burned, Fitbit compares your data and provides you with feedback through the app to help you plan your daily diet. You can manually track your weight and enter your data. Fitbit account, but the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale makes things much simpler. & nbsp;

How does it work?

Like the name the indicates, you need a Wi-Fi connection to make the most of its possibilities. It can be set up on the network in two minutes (however, users encounter connection problems) and then all you have to do is enter the name, the desired initials (so that the scale displays them according to the user) and your initial weight. From this moment the scale is able to recognize the user, as soon as he steps on it. You can save up to eight profiles on the scale and beyond this number, other users will also be able to use it but without configuring it, it only provides the characteristics of a simple scale: namely to weigh yourself. & nbsp;

What are its characteristics?

The scale is in itself a "slab" attractively designed glass with a solid ABS base and is available in black or white. It sports a backlit screen that displays an array of information including ID, weight, body fat percentage, and status information, such as uploading data.Yes, the Aria measures the percentage of body fat. This requires barefoot weighing and this feature is only available to registered users. Because there is a small electric current flowing through the scale for measuring body fat, people with pacemakers and small children should avoid using it. We can't say how accurate the body fat measurement is, but Fitbit assures that the data is close to that measured in professional testing.Fitbit's Aria then automatically feeds data to your account. Fitbit.



  • Pleasant design,
  • Easy to configure
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Backlit display, useful in dark room
  • Ability to measure body fat in addition of weight
  • Extremely useful when combined with one of the Fitbit activity trackers


  • If used as a standard scale, it is expensive
  • Children under 10 and people with pacemakers cannot use it
  • No calculation of body water percentage
  • Relatively high price


Although the Fitbit Aria is well made and its basic function alone can justify the 120 € required (which is close to the price of high-end bathroom scales), it is in the connectivity that it really shines. . By “hopping” on your scale each morning, all of your stats are automatically uploaded to your Fitbit account. Combined with a Fitbit activity tracker and an app to track food consumption, the Fitbit Aria is a powerful weight management tool, much more than a regular scale. As part of your Fitbit account, you receive notifications and “Trophies” when you achieve your goals. If that doesn't provide enough motivation, or if you really enjoy sharing, you can push it to tweet your stats or post them on Facebook.

If you don't own any Fitbit products though, this scale will only bring you more war than a normal scale, and at this price, it is better to take a normal scale.



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4.0 / 5