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TEST / Lanaform Mass & Slim - Slimming Innovation Panty with Tourmaline

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Lanaform Mass & Slim slimming panty is designed to help you fight against dimpling and orange peel skin and reduce your extra inches where you want it. This panty is designed with a "revolutionary" slimming textile with Micro-Tourmaline beads which is supposed to fight against dimpling, orange peel and extra centimeters, while sheathing the most affected areas.


Anyone can be affected by cellulite, whether they are round or thin. The causes of this cellulite, also called orange peel, can be multiple: genetics, lack of physical practice, pregnancy ...
If you are in this case you should not be insensitive to TV spots extolling the merits (and the promises) slimming panties and in particular the Mass & amp; panty shorts. Slim by Lanaform, with Tourmaline micro-beads.

With a selling price of around 35 €, it is much cheaper than some high-end slimming creams. But when is its real effectiveness? As is often the case, the announcements made by the manufacturer seem very ambitious: "The composition and the cut of the Mass & amp; Slim panty will help you fight against dimpling and orange peel skin and reduce your extra centimeters in the desired places. "and even to" gain up to -3.2 cm around the hips and 2.3 cm around the thighs ".

And as if that were not enough, this belt would allow" a immediate action on the silhouette thanks to the sheath effect and a lasting action of the targeted areas (buttocks, stomach and thighs) corrected and refined thanks to the tourmaline beads ".


Look question
With its modern cut, inspired by sportswear, this Panty is rather in tune with the times. Although opaque, it will allow you to stroll without complex on the hiking trails, or in the sports halls: the style lends itself perfectly. As for the immediate sheathing effect, it will effectively erase some small imperfections and will know how to enhance your curves.
Last point: these panties stop above the knees: all the girls will tell you that shorts are much more flattering to the figure when it stops below the knee, rather than above.

What makes these pants a special item of clothing is above all their "revolutionary" slimming textile with Tourmaline Micro-beads which is supposed to fight against cellulite, orange peel skin and the extra centimeters. Tourmaline actually designates a group of minerals, of the silicate family. Their physical and chemical characteristics make them a material used in certain sectors, but none of their properties seem to have specific virtues concerning weight loss.




  • Sheathing effect
  • Heating effect
  • Design rather attractive
  • Micro Peeling effect


  • No reduction in waist circumference
  • Shaping effect not bearable for all
  • Style : does not go below the knees


All in all, these pants fall short of delivering the results you expect, unfortunately they are ineffective and marketed as a miracle slimming product.

If you are still considering purchasing these panties, check out the rather like good shaping panties, which cannot be worn under all clothes, but which cleanses dead skin and erases certain imperfections.



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3.5 / 5