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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Swing Trainer is a compact multi-function device allowing, thanks to a series of exercises practiced regularly, toning, slimming and weight training of certain muscle groups.


Compact fitness machines are all the rage. After the Wondercore and Ab Circle , it's lanaform's turn to launch his multifunction device.

The Swing Trainer follows the logic of the Ab Circle Pro with these two sliding arms but this time mounted in the other direction.

Compact and very simple of use, the Swing Trainer from Lanaform is, with these different exercises offered, the ideal ally for firming both the lower and upper body and building the desired body parts.

According to the manufacturer, The Swing Trainer is a complete bodybuilding machine that will allow you to perform at home the equivalent of the exercises practiced in a gym or fitness center.
Thanks to short daily sessions, muscles such as the thighs, the glutes, abdominals but at iff the pectorals and biceps are solicited and firmed.
Thanks to a series of regular exercises, the Swing Trainer allows toning, slimming and musculation of the body.

Its compact size (79 x 37 x 19 cm), its light weight and its easy storage allow a simple and regular use even in a small space.

The Swing Trainer is supplied with a guide including a series of exercises to use the device at best.


  • Type Type 1
  • Type NC
  • Foldable YES
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Compact
  • Multifunction
  • Playful
  • Easily stored


  • Efficiency
  • Useless if used alone
  • Usefulness of certain exercises
  • Does not allow weight loss
  • Stability: no handlebars


The Swing Trainer is therefore an additional fitness device sold on the market without any real function or effectiveness. Although some exercises will work targeted muscle groups, the contribution to your overall fitness is low.

Get this equipment if you really see the need for it, but don't expect results convincing by training only a few minutes a day on it. The Swing Trainer is more of a gadget than anything else and will likely end up in a closet.



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2.5 / 5