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TEST / TRX Suspension Trainer

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
According to the manufacturer, the TRX Suspension Trainer features unparalleled portability and versatility and is designed for athletes of all levels. It is made of a high quality nylon webbing and sewn with nylon thread (double seam).

Other features include adjustable CAM buckles, professional grade handles, integrated foot supports and a carabiner with locking teeth. The kit also includes a training guide, a Training DVD and a TRX carry bag.


The TRX Suspension Training System is a strength training device that consists of nylon webbing fitted with handles and straps for the feet, and comes with instructional DVDs and illustrated workouts.

This device can be attached to a door frame, weight machine chassis, or other sturdy structure and uses the practitioner's body weight as resistance to perform various exercises. Because the body is partially suspended, the exercises require the user to use the stabilizing muscles in each movement in addition to the muscular effort. "


  • Resistance NC
  • Nombre d'elastique NC
  • Rangement / Sac YES
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC


  • Innovative and fun device
  • The TRX is lightweight and portable, allowing its use in a variety of locations
  • The strap and handles are manufactured with resistant and solid materials.
  • The device allows movements in three planes, offering a functional challenge for the postural muscles.
  • The TRX allows the accomplishment of exercises for people of different fitness levels and skills.
  • Exercises performed on the TRX can complement a workout.


  • The TRX is a bit expensive
  • At first the exercises are difficult (especially for new users)
  • The DVD and the educational brochure that accompanies the system are well produced, but could offer a wider variety of exercises.
  • Many of the exercises offered by the TRX can be performed more easily with other equipment, such as Swiss balls and tubes elastic.




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3.5 / 5