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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
The Weider Pro 4500 multi-gym uses the elegant and robust design of the 4000, but its stronger frame allows it to support heavier loads for even more efficient and explosive work. This station offers a multitude of exercises that will allow you to work the upper and lower limbs.


Weider is a brand specializing in the manufacture of weight machines, fitness equipment and dietary supplements. This brand is recognized around the world as one of the leaders in the bodybuilding industry. Their guided weight training stations have enabled them to become one of the leaders in this sector today.

Description of the Weider Pro 4500 multi-gym

& nbsp ; The Weider Pro 4500 multi-gym is distinguished by its many functions. You get many training possibilities, mainly for the upper body, but also for the lower.With the high and low pulleys, the butterfly, the arm press, the bicep stand, the leg curl, The Pro 4500 takes all the characteristics of the 4000 while offering the possibility of working on heavier loads (85 kg rack) offering loads of up to 110 kg thanks to the effect of the pulleys increasing the load tenfold. & nbsp ;

Thus, the Butterfly station facilitates training to target the pectoral muscles. The arms will not be left out thanks to the chest press of the Weider Pro 4500 multi-gym as well as the bicep station. You can also work your back and shoulders using the high pulley and pull-up bar. The Weider Pro 4500 has an ergonomic desk to define the strength of the upper arm. For continual variability in upper body training, a low pulley also allows you to perform pulling exercises.The lower limbs are not left out even if the exercise supply is less bloated than for the upper body. The leg curl station and the leg extension will help you maintain the muscles of the thighs.


The assembly is tedious and long (allow about 4 hours even in being a bit of a handyman), the instructions are not precise enough on certain parts which are in multiple plastic bags (except the main parts which are well listed)


  • Resistance Max NC
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Weight Rack 187.4 lbs
  • Adjustable Seat NO
  • Carter YES
  • Max Weight 297.7 lbs
  • Dimensions 65 x 37.4 x 76.8 in
  • Weight 319.7 lbs
  • Garanty NC
  • Pec Dec Arms 44 lbs
  • Chest Press 84 lbs
  • Military Press
  • Rower
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Vertical Pull
  • High Pulley 101 lbs
  • Middle Pulley
  • Low Pulley 109 lbs
  • Leg Extension 114 lbs
  • Leg Press
  • Hip station
  • Roman Chair
  • Pull up Station
  • Inclined Bench



  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • 85 kg weight rack, perfect for people wishing to talk to each other
  • Small footprint for this type of device
  • Global security
  • Affordable price


  • Very laborious assembly
  • Insufficient charge for advanced users
  • Non-adjustable seat and back


This Weider stamped product offers completely correct services for this product range and this price range. Designed for home maintenance, it allows you to work your upper and lower limbs in complete safety.



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4.0 / 5