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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Weider Pro 2000 weight press is an essential weight machine for those who want to keep their shape and muscle tone. Ideal for bodybuilding enthusiasts, it ensures the development of different muscle groups and is perfect for beginners. It has a protective cover and a vinyl weight rack, quieter than bare cast iron, which keeps the plates aligned and ensures smooth and secure movements during workouts.


We no longer present Weider, a benchmark brand in bodybuilding, sponsor of numerous athletes, it is now present throughout the world.

The PRO 2000 multi-gym is an eye-catching exercise machine designed to support a complete, safe and comfortable workout for beginner and intermediate users. It has a hand press, a high pulley, a leg developer all connected to a 60 kg vinyl weight stack.
The advantages of the PRO 2000 weight pressThe PRO 2000 weight press is one of Weider's bestsellers. Compact and robust, it ensures optimum precision during training. It has a Bench Press which helps to develop the pectoral muscles and shoulders. It is also equipped with a butterfly which serves to define the pectoral muscles at the level of the hollow of the thorax and a high pulley which ensures the development of the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.

With its High pulley, it is an ideal device to increase the posterior muscular chain of the back and the deltoids. Even if this press is predominantly "upper limbs", its Leg Developper allows you to flex and extend the legs, which is the best way to strengthen the quadriceps.

Exercises and muscles used

Bench Press: with a maximum load of 98 kg, it allows to work the pecs and shoulder muscles.
Butterfly: with its max load of 51 kg, it allows to work the pectorals and especially the hollow of the thorax ...
High pulley: max load of 78 kg to develop the arms, shoulders and back.
Leg Developper: with a maximum load of 142 kilos it allows flexions and extensions of the legs to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstrings (basically the thighs).

Small negative point, there is no Biceps desk or low pulley.

The weight load is quite low (60 kg) but it is suitable for the target population of this Weider Pro 2000, ie beginners and people intermediate level.
A protection system keeps the weight plates aligned which allows for smoother movements in complete safety. A table with the different exercises is supplied with the device and even if it is not very explicit, it nevertheless gives an overview of the exercises that can be performed with this Weider Pro 2000.


  • Resistance Max NC
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Weight Rack 136.7 lbs
  • Adjustable Seat YES
  • Carter YES
  • Max Weight 297.7 lbs
  • Dimensions 52 x 36.6 x 79.1 in
  • Weight 220.5 lbs
  • Garanty NC
  • Pec Dec Arms 51 lbs
  • Chest Press 98 lbs
  • Military Press
  • Rower
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Vertical Pull
  • High Pulley 78 lbs
  • Middle Pulley
  • Low Pulley 85 lbs
  • Leg Extension 142 lbs
  • Leg Press
  • Hip station
  • Roman Chair
  • Pull up Station
  • Inclined Bench


Efficiency 3.5/5

Overall all the exercises are safe and effectively work the target muscles, we can simply regret that the seat and the backrest are not adjustable in height and depth and that there is no desk and low pulley to work in depth on other muscles, such as the biceps, hamstrings or adductors.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiplicity of the exercises offered
  • Very compact
  • Good value for money
  • Overall quality of manufacture
  • Weider Guarantee


  • Tedious assembly
  • Low maximum load: 60 kg
  • There is no indicator of the load raised
  • Seat / backrest not adjustable in height and depth
  • No bicep desk
  • No low pulley
  • Protective casing open


This Pro 2000 is undoubtedly a Weider. Solid, precise and efficient, it nevertheless suffers from a few shortcomings including the absence of a low pulley and a desk that impact the final score. Sold at a price of around € 300, it is nonetheless a powerful device for people. resuming physical activity or wishing to talk, offering good value for money.



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3.5 / 5