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TEST / Sportstech HGX200 - Multifunctional Weight Station

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Sportstech recently landed in the home gym station sector and directly offers a mid-range device that aims to find its place in this very competitive market. The HGX200, which is none other than the upgraded version of the HGX100 with an integrated dip / pull station.

When is it actually? So it's time to see what's on her stomach.


  • Resistance Max NC
  • Number of exercises 45
  • Weight Rack 55 lbs
  • Adjustable Seat NON
  • Carter OUI
  • Max Weight NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Garanty NC
  • Pec Dec Arms
  • Chest Press
  • Military Press
  • Rower
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Vertical Pull
  • High Pulley
  • Middle Pulley
  • Low Pulley
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Press
  • Hip station
  • Roman Chair
  • Pull up Station
  • Inclined Bench

Confort 3.5/5

As we said before, the overall look is good and inspires confidence. So now is the time to give it a try.

During the first exos, everything works correctly. The seat is comfortable and we feel that it is of quality even if the padding and the fixation of the backrest could be improved.

The main negative point, because there is one, concerns the ergonomics of the station. While it is perfectly suited for average height users (1.70m - 1.80m), for those like me who are 1.90m or more, it is not. It would also seem that some encounter difficulties if their height is less than 1.70m. This does not mean that it is not usable but the comfort is strongly felt. And the movements are not smooth. This device is clearly designed for “standard” users. Pity.

The resort offers a lot, if not a lot of exercise. Almost all of the movements and exercises found in a standard station are possible with the HGX 100, and the small graphic palette representing the main exercises to be performed on the covers of the device is welcome. On this point, it gives me complete satisfaction and the many settings are very useful.

It's also a pity that the plastic end caps of the foam supports for the leg extension do not hold and fall all the time ... That's a detail.

Assemblage / Montage 4.5/5

First of all, no worries about the delivery, it was even faster than expected. The package delivered on a pallet is well packaged, with polystyrene and wood to hold everything together.

When you open the box, everything appears clear, or at least as clear as one might hope for this type of assembly. All parts are neatly packaged and it's a great idea to have the screws together by number ...

Note that in the kit that was sent to us, a step pin was missing and a pulley bolt that the brand returned promptly. A lot of professionalism on that side.

A clear manual associated with an assembly video on youtube allows you to assemble everything without problem and without being a DIY pro. Video is the perfect companion. You had to think about it. Well done Sportstech, great!

Despite the detailed instructions and the youtube video, still plan a good half-day of assembly especially if you are alone or not at all handyman at all. Weight training stations always require patience and concentration. We took 2-3 hours to and we are regulars ...

Once assembled, a pleasant surprise, since the device takes up less space than you might imagine. Allow a space of 2m x 1m x 2m. Size optimized for a device that offers a multitude of exercises it seems to be a perfect combination. We will come back to this in the comfort section.

The whole looks solid and the quality of the finishes impeccable. It is, in my opinion and in this price range, one of the best weight training stations on the market.

Despite a small disappointment when I realized during the assembly that an element was damaged, the technical service very friendly and attentive sends me a copy of the damaged part.

A big positive point for very professional customer care, very responsive if questions or requests for information, quick answers and follow-up from the seller.

Qualité / Durabilité 4.0/5

As we said before, the build is solid and the overall quality is good. Particular attention has been paid to the finishes, especially for the steel structure and its welds, which is appreciable. On this side, there is nothing to say.

On the other hand, the quality of the file needs to be reviewed, it was scratched after 1 week of use, and even cracked slightly at the end of the test. So we protected it with a towel, a bit cheap for a station at 950 €.

Efficacité 4.0/5

I've been using the product 3 to 5 times a week for a month now.

If the weight rack is suitable for regular home use, the device is clearly intended for users wishing to get back in shape or for daily maintenance. This is certainly sufficient for a non-bodybuilder, but for those looking for performance, you will need to turn to larger machines.

On the poster, 17 exercises are shown, both for the upper and lower body. We find for example the butterfly, the arm press, the biceps desk, the high pulley, the low pulley, the crunch, or the leg extension. In addition to the HGX100 model, there is also a dip and pull station.

To do this, a set of handles and handles is provided and allows you to switch from one exercise to another.

Overall the resistance is correct, although as we noted above it is primarily intended for moderate home use.

I therefore recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in shape all year round, without looking for performance.


  • The device is easy to assemble
  • Good value for money
  • Solid construction
  • Editing video on Youtube
  • Very pleasant to use (if standard template)
  • Versatility with its many exercises
  • Excellent sales / after sales service


  • Not suitable for non-standard templates
  • Slightly light weight rack
  • Not suitable for performance
  • Folder a little cheap
  • More expensive than its competitors


All in all, therefore, the Sportstech HGX 200 is a great device with a very wide range of options. Easy to assemble, robust, aesthetic and versatile, it is a good choice for home training, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced athlete.

Finally, its main flaw is the fact that it does not adapt to all sizes so despite a price slightly higher than the competition, if you want to maintain yourself and your size is average, we recommend you this machine with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed.



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Assemblage / Montage

Qualité / Durabilité



4.0 / 5