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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
The Moovyoo Carbon X Press multifunction station is an apartment weight training machine for performing a large number of exercises that alternately or simultaneously stress the lower and upper limbs. Its numerous settings as well as its maximum load make it a multi-station suitable for all types of users (large or small) and of all levels.


The Moovyoo Carbon X Press has been designed for demanding users looking for a quality guided weight training machine that offers the possibility of performing a multitude of exercises in a small space.
Its square tube structure makes it a solid machine but also very stable. Its very comfortable foams and the adjustable carbon-colored seats give it an unusual look.

The new Carbon X Press from MOOVYOO is a complete press with the possibility of performing a large number of exercises for upper and lower limbs.
It has the advantage of offering numerous seat adjustments to adapt to the morphology of each user.


- Seated or bench press: this basic movement allows you to work your pectorals, equivalent to the bench press on a standard bench.
- Rowing: It strengthens the upper back, the back muscles, the shoulders and the biceps.
To be able to perform this exercise, simply unpin the bench press by pushing it back (towards the load column). Adjust the backrest as far as possible forward, and position your torso against the backrest and your knees wedged under the sleeves, then grasp the bench press with your full hand and bring it back towards you.
- Butterfly: Widen your chest and sculpt it thanks to the spreads of the butterfly, independent of the bench press, which increases the quality of the movement.
The advantage of this Butterfly system is that it allows amplitude greater movement (problem encountered with most classic butterflys) and better muscle contraction and definition. Without forgetting a good grip of the handles.
- High pulley, Latissimus: For the development of shoulder and back muscles. It is an ideal workstation for developing the entire posterior muscle chain of the back and the deltoids.
With the short bar, you can also work the triceps.
- Leg Lever: The flexions of the legs guarantee the strengthening of the quadriceps for the practice of all sports. Standing it is possible to work the hamstrings in leg extension.
- Abdo station: Abdominal work thanks to the abdo bridle supplied as standard to perform the crunch movement. (harness attached to the neck)
- Low pulley at the front: Work on the arms, deltoids, rowing with wedging of the feet for a more targeted movement, the shoulders thanks to the small straight bar or the abductor glutes , adductor with the ankle strap.


Comfort is not to be outdone with the Carbon X Press since the seat and backrest are adjustable in height and depth to offer the user a optimal positioning.
The foam which constitutes the seat and the backrest, although not very thick, is perfectly adapted since it offers at the same time flexibility and firmness.


  • Resistance Max NC
  • Number of exercises 16
  • Weight Rack 176.4 lbs
  • Adjustable Seat YES
  • Carter YES
  • Max Weight 308.7 lbs
  • Dimensions 65 x 49.2 x 86.6 in
  • Weight 366 lbs
  • Garanty NC
  • Pec Dec Arms 80 lbs
  • Chest Press 80 lbs
  • Military Press
  • Rower 80 lbs
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Vertical Pull
  • High Pulley 80 lbs
  • Middle Pulley 80 lbs
  • Low Pulley 80 lbs
  • Leg Extension 80 lbs
  • Leg Press
  • Hip station
  • Roman Chair
  • Pull up Station
  • Inclined Bench



  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • 80 kg weight rack, perfect for people wishing to talk to each other
  • Small footprint for this type of device
  • Seat and backrest adjustment
  • Global safety
  • Affordable price


  • Very long mounting
  • Insufficient charge for advanced users


This guided-load weight training machine is very well made and has arguments for establishing itself in this so-called "intermediate" product range. This station is perfectly suited for people who want to practice regularly at home with moderate loads for the purpose of strengthening or maintaining muscle.
However, as we have said, users seeking performance could quickly reach the Machine limits.
Overall, this is hands down one of the most complete indoor weight presses available on the market.



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4.5 / 5