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TEST / Body-Solid EXM-2000S Multi Gym

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
The Body Solid EXM 2000S is a multifunctional weight training machine. With these 6 stations you will be able to work both your upper and lower limbs. You can change the load simply by moving the pin in the hole corresponding to the weight you want to lift.
Supplied with a set of accessories and a poster with all the exercises you can do with this device.


The EXM 2000S is a multi-functional home weight machine marketed by Body Solid. Body Solid is a company that manufactures and distributes fitness equipment to professionals and individuals since 1989 and is headquartered in Chicago, USA.


The Body Solid EXM 2000S is, as stated above, a home gym. Withthese stations to work the upper and lower limbs and a weight stack totaling 95 kg, you just need to insert the pin into the hole corresponding to the weight you want to lift according to each exercise.
This load is more than sufficient for most of the exercises offered on the different stations of this device and even leaves you a margin of progression, including for people used to training with heavy loads.

With the EXM 2000S, you can It is possible to do a multitude of exercises depending on the station chosen:
Neck pull / High pulley, Ab Crunch / Half-height pulley, Leg Curl / Leg extension, the chest press station, the butterfly , sit / low pulley, side pulls, leg curls, triceps and biceps. Each station allows a different part of the body to be solicited.

Noted that the symmetry of the wrists for the chest press on our test model was not perfect (and even strongly asymmetrical), which can cause angle differences during movement and even create injuries. We have attempted to contact Body Solid but have not received any responses regarding this issue. Aesthetic without compromising exercise integrity, it provides maximum safety and performance. Each station is designed for optimal use: fully adjustable seat and back cushion, adjust the height of the bench press, built-in strap for crunches, foam rollers for your legs.

A downside in this which concerns the assembly of the device: in addition to being heavy (more than 230kg), the explanatory note is poorly explained and you will certainly have to call for external help to assemble the whole.(see also the after-sales service comment in the conclusion). In addition, there are some advantages to working from home. You get the privacy you crave, there's no monthly membership fee, and no waiting around to use a device.

Of course, the price can quickly deter you unless you have around 1150 Eur set aside to be used in bodybuilding equipment. It is a heavy investment for the novice or the casual practitioner and you should carefully consider the pros and cons before purchasing such a product. The brand offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products and parts so that if you invest in this device, you can be sure of its reliability and you won't have to break the bank again.


  • Resistance Max NC
  • Number of exercises 109
  • Weight Rack 209.5 lbs
  • Adjustable Seat YES
  • Carter YES
  • Max Weight 330.8 lbs
  • Dimensions 63 x 42.9 x 83.1 in
  • Weight 504.9 lbs
  • Garanty NC
  • Pec Dec Arms 100 lbs
  • Chest Press 100 lbs
  • Military Press
  • Rower
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Vertical Pull
  • High Pulley 100 lbs
  • Middle Pulley 100 lbs
  • Low Pulley 100 lbs
  • Leg Extension 100 lbs
  • Leg Press
  • Hip station
  • Roman Chair
  • Pull up Station
  • Inclined Bench


  • Multifunctional: You don't have to waste time with a gym membership to get a machine that can give you the same exercises.
  • Space saving: compared to the quantity of material needed in general for all these exercises
  • Adapted loads
  • Guided load helps prevent injury
  • Strength and durability
  • Equipment provided
  • Explanatory poster with the different exercises depending on the muscles you want to work
  • It emphasizes personal responsibility for your fitness goals.


  • Slow after sales service and expensive spare parts
  • Bulky: you will need to have a room reserved for this .
  • Asymmetry of the wrists for the chest press
  • Guided loads do not strain the muscles as much as with the free loads
  • Difficult assembly, not very well explained (may need help to mount cables)
  • High price


In conclusion, we will say that this EXM 2000S is really a very good bodybuilding machine especially intended for regular users. If you want to get results, you will need to lift weights. Buying some fancy weight training equipment can be a great motivator, but make sure it doesn't end up in an expensive drying rack for clothes.

However if one of the parts gets loose , do not count on the responsiveness of the after-sales service, which, for equipment costing over 1000 Eur is more than annoying.



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