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TEST / HAMMER Cobra XTR rowing machine

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
Experience more realistic workout sequences with the Hammer Cobra XTR Rower, a professional-grade rower. This so-called "translational" rower allows fluid movement and space saving. It features adjustable resistance, aluminum rails with high quality ball bearings and an ergonomic seat for a better level of comfort. The device is also equipped with a folding system to save significant space.


Sometimes it is difficult to choose between a training tool for building strength or a device for training endurance ... What if you could have both? The HAMMER Cobra XTR Rower has found the perfect compromise. With just one training device, you will not only improve your stamina and burn fat, but at the same time build defined muscles. Depending on the strength and frequency of resistance of the rower, you will work more or more hands on the upper and lower limbs as well as the abdominal belt.

The HAMMER Cobra follows the line of Hammer rowers. It features a solid design, faithfully reproduces rowing motion and realistically simulates the rowing experience while ensuring an efficient and safe workout.

Technology and equipment
This so-called translational rower guarantees the efficiency and training of a real rower. The permanent and noise-free magnetic resistance as well as the sliding system on an aluminum rail and high-quality ball bearings offer a professional and realistic rendering. The seat of the rower is ergonomic and the reinforced padding is very pleasant.
Thanks to a practical folding mechanism, the rower can be stored to save space at any time.

Complete on-board computer with heart rate sensor
Automatic resistance adjustment, and all other important functions are controlled by the on-board computer and its large LCD display. This displays 8 key information simultaneously and informs you in real time about all relevant statistics: distance, time, paddles / min, total paddles, current training program, heart rate and calories burned. The HAMMER Cobra XTR Rower also has a receiver for chest cardio belt (belt not included) allowing training from heartbeats.
It indeed includes 4 controlled cardiac programs also allow a training session with a predetermined heart rate (if you have a cardio belt).

Professional Training
This Hammer Cobra has multiple fitness programs: 6 pre-programmed training and fitness programs as well as the 4 Cobra heart rate health programs XTR HAMMER allowing: - Strengthening all the main muscle groups
- Burning body fat
- Muscle definition
- Strengthening the cardiovascular system

The device has 10 automatically adjustable resistance levels. The 10 training programs, 6 training programs, and 4 controlled heart programs also allow you to establish a workout with a predetermined heart rate. Unlike many rowing ergometers, it is possible to achieve high resistance and therefore really sweat. The running rail can be adjusted to 3 heights for more intense training sessions.
Beginners will not be left out since corresponding resistance levels are offered and allow a simple and suitable start.

The HAMMER Cobra XTR Rower allows, thanks to its pulley (cable system), a realistic training with great efficiency. It does not exactly replicate the movement of a traditional rower, but still uses the same muscle groups. You can adjust the difficulty of your movement thanks to the 10 levels of adjustable resistance, which allows you to adapt your effort. The movement consists of back and forth on the rail using the upper and lower limbs in a rectilinear motion. With just one training session, you will not only improve endurance and burn fat, but at the same time improve your muscle definition. Depending on the strength and resistance of the rower, you will work efficiently and quickly on the arms, legs and abdominal belt. Women, on the other hand, can opt for weight reduction and body definition with a workout that tones you up.

You can easily read the information broadcast on the LCD screen, giving you feedback on your effort and performance. Among other things, you can see the selected workout, the distance traveled and the heart rate. Particular attention has been paid to technical properties, but also to ergonomics, as with all HAMMER rowers. The HAMMER Cobra XTR Rower can be folded up quickly and thus compacted, it takes up less space. It still remains bulky even when folded, so allow plenty of space.

Certainly the Cobra XTR Rower, with its price of 599 €, is not cheap. However, compared to other rowers in its class, it is still more than affordable, while still having some of the features of more expensive models.


  • Type Tirage Central
  • Type of resistance Magnétique
  • Levels of resistance NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • LCD Screen Monochrome
  • Foldable OUI
  • Transportation wheel NON
  • Backrest NON
  • Height réglable NON
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Max Weight NC
  • Max User Height NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Multiple fitness programs
  • Easy operation
  • Resistance adjustment
  • Overall build quality
  • Good value for money
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy assembly
  • Foldable


  • Relatively high price
  • Display not backlit and a bit small
  • Instructions for setting the functions of the on-board computer a little poor


Overall, this Hammer Cobra is therefore a very good device, the assembly is very easy and everything works perfectly. The only thing that could make the whole thing even more perfect would be a backlighting of the LCD screen, which will allow you to work both your cardio and your strength through various programs. The unit is very solid and well made. The device is extremely easy to use. Compared to other rowers, this device has real added value. Too bad the price is so high.



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4.0 / 5