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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
Shake Weight®, a “As Seen On TV” product, is marketed as a product that provides “incredible results in just 6 minutes a day, with just one device”. The target customers of Shake Weight are women who want a quick fix for toning their upper limbs (although they've also developed a version of Shake Weight for men). The Shake Weight is a plastic dumbbell of about 2 kg equipped with the manufacturer's technology called "dynamic inertia", which means that the actual mass of the dumbbell is able to oscillate when moved by the user. .

The manufacturer claims that women can achieve dramatic results in the tone and definition of their arms, shoulders and chest muscles with a workout which only takes six minutes a day. The Shake Weight box includes the dumbbell (which does not require batteries - weight oscillations are created by the muscle actions of the users), a 10 minute DVD which shows some tips for using the product with a workout. “Toning Upper Body” workout that only takes six minutes plus a user's guide showing the correct way to hold and move the Shake Weight.


Vibration training is a relatively new phenomenon in the strength training and fitness arena where Shake Weight is trying to gain a foothold.

The theory behind vibration training is that the frequency of oscillations of the equipment stimulates the muscle (a sensory mechanism in the muscle reacts to changes in length inside that muscle) which ultimately provides a higher output force during muscle contraction. Most of the research has focused on whole body vibration training methods with mixed results as to whether the frequency of the stimulus actually leads to higher levels of muscle force production. The idea from the designers of Shake Weigh is that mass movement stimulates the muscles to work harder during resistance training exercises.


  • Type Type 1
  • Type NC
  • Dismantled YES
  • Weight NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Garanty NC


  • A visually detailed DVD that shows a simple exercise program that can be completed in just six minutes.


  • The limited number of exercises present in the DVD: a simple exercise routine with a light weight does not provide enough physiological demand to create the adaptations advertised on the product website.
  • The weight can be difficult to shake to provide the necessary boost.
  • The dumbbell is too light to provide the necessary adaptations for strength and muscle tone.
  • The exercises offered in the DVD are not effective in building strength or muscle tone. muscle definition in the chest.


The Shake Weight is more like a gadget than a real advance in terms of training. If a person wishing to get back in shape is looking for a product to increase their muscle definition, he or she would be much better served by finding workout videos that feature fun and dynamic routines like jump-oriented exercises or dance, or even more conventional but proven devices (rower, elliptical trainer, stepper ...).



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