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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Smart Mover is a compact and versatile device offering a wide range of fun and easy-to-perform exercises. Small in size, light and space-saving, it is easily stored and can be taken anywhere.


In this winter period, we are sometimes reluctant to go out to play sports in the open air. Developers of fitness equipment understand this well and offer you more and more versatile devices for home use. Today is the turn of the Smart Mover, twin brother of Shaper Relax 3000 and cousin of Wonder Core Smart to pass on our test bench.


The Smart Mover is a compact and versatile device offering a wide range of fun and easy to perform exercises. Small in size, light and not bulky, it can be easily stored and taken anywhere. This product, certified true copy of Shaper Relax 3000® , would have been created by 2 Californian physiotherapists who would have developed it accidentally. The Smart Mover consists of a padded seat and 2 articulated arms. The resistance (elastic bands placed on either side of the arms) is adjustable and the stroke is in both directions. And the developers are raving about it. For them, the Smart Mover is "the surest way to lose extra pounds and inches and also to put an end to soft, flabby and paunchy bellies" and "Thanks to this functional device (8 features), compact , you reshape your silhouette, fight soft bellies, flabby muscles and extra pounds. "

This Smart Mover seems to adapt to everyone, non-athletic or confirmed athlete. Easy to use and complete, Smart Mover can also work all the muscles of the body. Indeed, thanks to its multiple possibilities, it allows you to muscle your abdominals, your glutes, to work the curve of your legs and to strengthen the muscles of the arms.With the Smart Mover, you can perform up to 8 exercises that require either cardio or muscle building. - abdominal exercise: for weight training of the abdominal belt as a whole - push-up exercise to strengthen the pectoral area - core exercise to strengthen the tone of the abs - leg exercise to work the thigh muscles and strengthen the gluteus maximus - arm exercise for arm and bicep strength training - triceps exercise for firm arms - knee rise exercise to work the legs, arms and abs - pedaling exercise, ideal for rehabilitation and leg strength training This device also eliminates strain on your neck or back. No risk of pain in prospect.

You can perform your 8 fitness exercises while staying at home or at the office. Easy to transport, you can use it everywhere. In addition, the ultra-fast folding allows a minimal space requirement.

In addition, as is customary with this type of device sold in television shopping shows, the manufacturer of this Smart Mover offers a period of 3 months to retract you if you find that by realizing these 4 minutes of exercises per day do not obtain the expected results (flat and firm stomach, inches and pounds lost, toned body). During this period (90 days plus 30 days of decision making, i.e. 120 days of review), at any time, you can return your Smart Mover and upon receipt a refund of the amount of your order is sent to you by check . Sold at around 80 €, it is possible to pay it in several installments free of charge on certain sites and certain teleshopping programs.




  • Easy to use
  • Compact and Foldable
  • 4-in-1 device: several exercises that can be performed
  • Involves different muscle groups
  • Suitable for women after pregnancy
  • Lifetime warranty (depending on the dealer)


  • Do not use cardio
  • False advertising: does not allow weight loss
  • May cause neck and back pain
  • Effectiveness of some exercises questionable
  • Resistance more or less suitable
  • 4 minutes a day is not enough
  • ( Durability)
  • High price


This Smart Mover, like the Shaper Relax 3000, offers mediocre performance. Although it shows a certain versatility and an ultra small footprint, this product, sold through marketing and at a high price, will probably end up like all these fitness gadgets by collecting dust in your cellar or in your home. garage.



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2.0 / 5