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TEST / Hobby Tech Wavertone 180

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Wavertone 180 is a lightweight, compact, multi-purpose abdominal machine that provides support when performing specific movements such as the abdominals. Its ergonomic design as well as its adjustable dynamic resistance will adapt to your needs whatever your age, size or physical condition.


The Wavertone 180 is, like the Shaper Relax 3000 , Total Core Deluxe and Wondercore Smart , a multi-purpose device intended primarily for supporting abdominal movement.

Wavertone 180 targets your abdominal belt with precision. It helps you engage your upper, tall, straight, and lower abs by gently protecting your back and neck. Unlike conventional abdominal exercises, Wavertone 180 offers you an adjustable dynamic resistance in descent and ascent.

Its secret? It resides in its Wave Flex backrest and its ingenious design in flexible polycarbonate at 18O degrees that perfectly follows the line of your spine. The Wave Flex benefits from the latest technological advances in fitness. Resistant, it is able to support a weight of 120 kilos.

Lean back, and the Wave Flex backrest flattens by pulling on the tensioners, which will create resistance and work your abs . Get up, and like a wave, the Wave Flex lifts your back, supporting it in the effort and reducing the pressure on your neck. It guides your movements perfectly without impact between your back and the ground.

Wavertone 180 is a "ten in one" weight training machine thanks to its system designed to refine you, dry your body and get you back in shape. It works the muscles of the legs, arms and abdominals, etc., while protecting your back and neck. The system is designed to adapt to different physical conditions.

De the Wavertone 180 is a compact and light device since it weighs only 4kg, so it is easy to handle and can be very easily stored. br>
Package contents:
1 Instructions for use
1 Exercise guide
1 Nutrition booklet
1 exercise DVD


  • Type NC
  • Type NC
  • Foldable NC
  • Max Weight NC
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Targets the muscles of the abdominal strap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Back support
  • Compact / Light
  • Easy storage


  • Does not help to lose weight
  • Ineffective resistance
  • Not suitable for all users
  • Additional exercises of little use


If the Wavertone 180 does not do what it promises, i.e. allow weight loss in just 3 minutes of exercise per day, it can however help people with reduced mobility or returning to an activity. to redo abs.

For 100 € it can be an auxiliary device, but do not expect to derive huge benefits from it. It’s an abs device, no more and no less.



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4.0 / 5