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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Circle Glide is a cross trainer, a device that allows you to perform exercises for both the upper and lower body while also using your cardio. Equipped with the unique Triple Plan three-dimensional movement system, it allows work in all directions allowing precise targeting to maximize the effects of training.


Want to get sexy legs, flat abs and bouncy buttocks the easy way? Glide towards this result with the Circle Glide. The Circle Glide is such an easy to use device that almost anyone can do it; just put your feet on the swivel platforms and slide.

The secret of this device is its revolutionary progressive three-dimensional technology. You can move back and forth, side to side, and rotate on the center axis for a full body workout, instantly switching between exercises without stopping. This unique Triple Plan technology activates all the muscles of the lower limbs as well as the upper limbs for a fast, fun and efficient workout. Simple, effective and fun workouts… as so often, it sounds a little too good to be true. So what is this Circle Glide really? This is what we sought to find out in this test.


The Circle Glide is a cross trainer, understand a device that allows you to exercise both the body in its entirety, but also the cardio. 2 in 1 device, it thus offers the possibility of working the lower body (standing on it) or the upper body (floor exercises).
According to the manufacturer, it is a pleasant, easy way, fun, fast and effective to get sexy legs, butt and abs, which virtually anyone can do.


So Circle Glide is meant to be a way fun and fast to burn calories and get a full body workout. Thanks to its unique triple plan technology, it allows for smooth, free movement that engages and activates all the major muscles in your body to provide you with a complete cardio workout that will burn you calories and help you shed those unwanted pounds. . This Triple plane technology allows movements in 3 directions: forward / backward, left / right and rotation and therefore a multitude of possible combinations.
Thus the device trains your body in all planes which makes it possible to work all the muscles lower body core - precisely targets your butt and thighs to gradually firm them up - not forgetting the core muscles and upper body intensely while increasing your heart rate to give you a workout cardio. The device is made from professional grade steel and can withstand a load of up to 110 kg.


The system is simple since it is acts of supports which slide along a rail which itself pivots on a central axis. The supports, which can either serve as a footrest or act as a hand pad during floor exercises, are made with a non-slip coating for comfort and safety during exercise. A removable handle system allows you to stabilize yourself once on the Circle Glide. If you choose to do the floor exercises (to strain your upper body) you will need to remove them. The Circle Glide has special interchangeable resistance bands built-in to vary the difficulty for different exercises. In addition to allowing smooth movement, the Circle Glide is quiet and can therefore be used at all times. For example, it will allow you to do other activities while you exercise (such as watching TV or listening to music). From a footprint perspective, the Circle Glide takes up little space and its removable handles make it easy to store, under a bed or in a closet. The Circle Glide is supplied with a training DVD (the Pro 10 Day Jump Start program), handles and base, a user guide, a power plan and everything is guaranteed for 2 years.


  • Type Type 1
  • Type NC
  • Foldable YES
  • Number of exercises NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Weight NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Playful and Fun
  • Easy to use
  • Works the adductors, glutes and obliques
  • Involves the upper and lower body
  • Relatively silent < / li>
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable resistance / Possibility to change the rubber bands


  • Durability / solidity
  • Low resistance
  • Requires some adaptation time
  • Does not put enough stress on the cardio
  • Not suitable for all body types
  • Not suitable for advanced users


As with many fitness equipment, there is always a risk that it is just a gimmick, but the Circle Glide doesn't seem to fit into that category. Fun, playful, original, this device is designed for beginners or people returning to exercise and it does what it claims to do.If you are looking for a device that allows you to work the inner thighs and the glutes, this may be the tool for you. It works well, but its low resistance will quickly limit your progress and like any fitness device, for there to be results, you must use it correctly and regularly, with a healthy diet and complementary physical exercises.

It is therefore on the whole an innovative and affordable and effective product which nevertheless suffers from some faults such as the lack of solidity and too low resistance. In short, the concept is good, the design and durability could be improved. Make sure before you buy this or any other fitness equipment that you really use it and that it doesn't end up in the basement.



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