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Shake Weight
Shake Weight
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Type Type 1
Dismantled YES
Weight NC
Dimensions NC
Garanty NC
Bottom line

The Shake Weight is more like a gadget than a real advance in terms of training. If a person wishing to get back in shape is looking for a product to increase their muscle definition, he or she would be much better served by finding workout videos that feature fun and dynamic routines like jump-oriented exercises or dance, or even more conventional but proven devices (rower, elliptical trainer, stepper ...).
  • A visually detailed DVD that shows a simple exercise program that can be completed in just six minutes.
  • The limited number of exercises present in the DVD: a simple exercise routine with a light weight does not provide enough physiological demand to create the adaptations advertised on the product website.
  • The weight can be difficult to shake to provide the necessary boost.
  • The dumbbell is too light to provide the necessary adaptations for strength and muscle tone.
  • The exercises offered in the DVD are not effective in building strength or muscle tone. muscle definition in the chest.