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Basic equipment for any athlete aiming for maintenance or muscle development, the weight bench......Read +

Basic equipment for any athlete aiming for maintenance or muscle development, the weight bench allows great versatility. Coupled with bars, weights and / or dumbbells, it allows you to perform a wide range of exercises.

The simple benches (unguided load), exist in 2 distinct versions: bench with candles, or bench without candles. These allow you to support your bars for exercises such as the bench press or the squat. Often reclining, the benches allow a multitude of exercises. With all of these options, the choice can be difficult. Our comparison is here to simplify all that.



Comfort / Dimensions
Small, large or kingsize, the benches range from thin rod to heavy brick. Identify your hospitality needs and possibilities. The dimension of the benches is important, especially if you are a tall build. You must of course take into account the space available in your home and find a compromise. Finally we take into account the footprint (foldable or not).

Bench press, squat, leg extension, dips, pullover, crunch, lumbar, here are some of the exercises that can be done with a weight bench. The parameters to be taken into account here are the presence of stands, the leg-extension station, the inclinability of the bench ...

Max load
The Maximum Charge is another essential criterion when it comes to purchasing. This load includes the user's weight plus the payload. The ceiling varies according to your needs (work in strength, power, explosiveness, reinforcement ..) but it is preferable that the threshold is high.



To test the benches, it looks silly, but we check the overall comfort with testers with different builds. We then carry out with these same testers several courses by modifying the load, the exercises, the intensity and finally check the stability and the overall ergonomics.

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