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The fitness benches take up the arguments that made the success of weight benches but by compacting everything. This type of bench focuses on the work of the abdominal belt but also offers the possibility of strengthening other muscle groups. Versatile, they are aimed at both a female and male audience practicing at home.



Comfort / Ergonomics
This device also focuses on ease of use and prevention of muscle pain and stress that may worry people with little or no practice. Its ergonomic design with these rollers arranged in an arc shape as well as its height-adjustable headrest take care of this.

What are the exercises offered by the bench? Does it engage the upper and lower body? Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves in this part.
Some benches have a 180-degree angle that is particularly useful for abdominal movements, allowing them to be called in depth.

The mostly elastic resistance is often located under the seat. The question here is about the adjustable aspect to suit different users and exercises.



The battery of tests that we pass on these devices includes scenarios with different users and focuses on aspects such as comfort, versatility or the effectiveness of the movements offered.

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