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Choosing the best rower can be a rather difficult task, especially if one does not have......Read +

Choosing the best rower can be a rather difficult task, especially if one does not have knowledge of the different types of products available on the market. Indeed, there are many different rowers depending on the type of resistance to the type of articulated arms. Each of the rowers is unique and characterized by their own set of advantages but also disadvantages. That's what this guide was created for: to help you make the right choice.

In order to make the best choice, you need to consider your own needs. If you are looking for a fun and efficient way to service, then you will probably be happy with low cost models such as hydraulic or magnetic rowers. However, if you are looking for the experience that is closest to rowing and immersive practice, you should look to high-end models such as water resistance or air resistance rowers.



Any fitness device, whatever it is, needs to be comfortable so that sessions don't turn into torture sessions. This is also the case for the rower. Choose a comfortable sliding seat. Also consider choosing a device with quality footrests and locking straps.

The rower is a device that takes up a lot of space. Even though it is not very wide and not very high, it is long and can measure up to 2.50m in length. You must therefore think carefully about this point before buying it, especially if you are short on space. Be aware, however, that there are foldable models for those with little space. Most have wheels for easy movement and storage.

They vary greatly from one model to another. On-board computer, pulse sensors, pre-recorded programs ... these functions allow you to motivate you and see your progress over the long term.

Sound level
A rower is a mobile device, and therefore often noisy. Some are less so than others and special attention must be paid to this aspect to avoid waking the whole household by doing your morning session.

Its robustness
A rower is often abused during sessions, especially if you do it often. It is therefore important to take a resistant and robust device. So avoid taking a low-end rower thinking of saving money. You will regret it quickly because it will not hold up!

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