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Are you looking for strength training equipment using your body weight that is strong and reliable? If so, the Roman chair is one of the best pieces of equipment on the market today.


The workstations these chairs are designed to facilitate exercises for the arms, chest, back and abdominal belt. This allows you to tone your upper body muscles simply with your own body weight.


As we said before, the Roman chair is a device that allows you to perform a multitude of exercises with the only resistance, your own body pea. Designed to provide an intense workout while removing stress on the lower back and knees, this machine is optimized for practice./p>\n





Comfort is not to be neglected when it comes to lifting your body weight. The elbow rests should be thick and comfortable as they support your back and arms to reduce fatigue and discomfort during the core belt training.


Positions / Features
Does the equipment have a Push-Up station, a Dip station or an access step? The angle of inclination is important as it increases the range of motion possible for the abdominals while keeping you in place.


Quality and robustness
A solid frame structure is essential since it provides solid support and foolproof stability. Don\'t skimp on security.


This equipment is ideal for home use or even commercial use, but its dimensions remain bulky. We recommend it for people with minimal space or even a sports room at home.

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