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Whether it is to eliminate orange peel skin, cellulite, firm the skin or simply relax,......Read +

Whether it is to eliminate orange peel skin, cellulite, firm the skin or simply relax, massaging devices are on the rise. Primarily aimed at a female audience, the market is tending to expand to reach an ever wider audience.

Today, it is not uncommon to find a device of this type in every household. Often, these devices are combined with a toning belt or an electrostimulator, useful to complete your physical practice, or even stop playing sports .…

There are two types of massaging device: vibrating blades or rotating heads. The former can be combined with accessories to adjust the cutting height; not the latter. There are models with interchangeable heads, allowing you to switch from one function to another.



Comfort / Ergonomics
We are talking here about the handling, the ease of use and the ergonomics of the whole. The grip must be studied to maximize comfort and reduce feelings of discomfort during use. A good model thus offers buttons that fall perfectly under the fingers.

Another essential aspect is power. Again, not all models are created equal, which is why it is important to take this aspect into account.

A distinction is made between battery-powered devices, which constitute the bulk of the market, and those operating on mains power. A mains supply can especially offer more power, which can be useful for a massager., But also a disadvantage for mobility.

Usually between 30 and 40 minutes for battery operated devices, it can go up to 120 minutes for those incorporating a lithium-ion battery. But in our opinion this is not a discriminating argument.

In a world that requires precise targeting of muscles, signal accuracy is essential. Not all models are created equal, which is why we compare the data.

Programs / Settings
Since not all electrostimulators offer advanced settings, we review the setting options offered by the manufacturer.

The accessories
A charging station can be very practical, but also accessories (interchangeable heads…). Some models are generous on this point, others really less ...



No massage parlor or exoticism! Massaging devices are tested under normal conditions of use. We take care to carry out tests daily for 1 to several months. Then, if possible, we test them with their possible accessories on different skins..

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