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Heart rate monitors no longer need to be presented. A basic tool in sports practice, these......Read +

Heart rate monitors no longer need to be presented. A basic tool in sports practice, these pulse calculators have evolved over the years and have been assigned new responsibilities. After the days of the simple pulse calculator, it has become a real multimedia tool.

Whether in the form of a watch, bracelet, or directly integrated into sports equipment, the heart rate monitor is today part of the landscape essential to any sporting practice. Here is a comparison to find you there.



This paragraph studies the comfort and ease of use that any heart rate monitor offers to its user. Construction, comfort, sensor / receiver relationship: everything is detailed there.

Precision / Quality
Yes, heart rate monitors, like activity trackers, can also perform better or worse. The precision, matched with the characteristic rate of the user, is important: in fact, the values are relative according to the sex, the age and the size.

This paragraph focuses on the capabilities offered by the sensor / receiver. It is about read formats, and even pedometer. Find out well, you might come across certain features that you wouldn't have thought of, and which in the end can be useful.



The belt and its receiver undergo a very complete battery of tests: dynamic, in extreme conditions, everything goes. We take care to multiply the conditions of use in order to draw up the most exhaustive picture possible.

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