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COMPARATOR / Elliptical Trainer Machine

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In the competitive cardio training equipment sector where conventional bikes, rowing machines, treadmills share the majority of sales, ellipticals are emerging as alternatives for home training.

Elliptical trainers, driven by targeted communication, have gradually conquered market share and today represent a significant share.



Comfort of use / Ergonomics
We pay all our attention to comfort, ergonomics and equipment which can be extremely variable from one bike to another.

Magnetic, by inertia wheel, or by air, its efficiency varies greatly. This is a key point for this type of equipment.

Functionalities / Features
Motion or force (torque) sensor? Control console with or without display? Automatic speeds or not? Suspended or rigid? So many capital elements in the choice.

Dimensions / Foldability
Indispensable criterion for users who do not have much space, congestion will be analyzed here.



The tests are similar to those for standard bikes. Elliptical trainers are tested over several weeks, with different usage scenarios. This makes it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the bikes used. We pay all our attention to comfort, ergonomics and functionality, which can vary greatly from one bike to another. And, of course, on the build quality. Faced with an assessment where subjectivity holds a place, technical quality often gets the better of our final verdict.

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