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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
The VIPR ™ is a functional training tool that resembles a hollow tube, 90 or 110 cm long, with three grips to allow a variety of movements. The VIPR ™ can be carried, tilted, dragged, thrown, knocked down, stomped on and rolled, indoors or out.

The shape, multiple grips and variety of Weights are used to perform many movements and exercises like lifting (pulling), pushing (pressing), moving and contorting, all the movements that we perform in our daily activities.


At a time when the concept of "functional training" is attracting enormous attention and popularity, it is therefore normal that the most effective training tools are those that combine body language and adapted resistance with movements and movements. functional exercises.An examination of our activities of daily living and of the movements performed several times during a day (for example, putting away groceries, playing with children ...), sometimes makes us realize the constraintsrelated to these activities. Unfortunately, traditional fitness equipment and exercises lack this "feature", focusing more on isolating the muscle rather than integrating the whole body.
Although muscle exercise in isolation is sometimes desirable or necessary in a training program, it is easier to achieve gestural efficiency and the optimization of health / fitness goals by engaging the whole body, in the three planes of movement (dimensions).

The VIPR ™ offers this versatility because it isolates muscles while offering the freedom to move in the three dimensions when performing the various exercises (lift, press , shift or even torsion) anytime and anywhere. This versatility along with the range of tube weights available can meet the training needs and goals of most users - whether they are in rehabilitation or high performance athletes - and achieve fitness goals. specific (eg toning, losing weight or getting into better physical condition). However, the user should fully understand the scope of its applications and design exercises with appropriate progressions. It is important to avoid making the mistake of taking too heavy tubes prematurely before thinking about the complexity and efficiency of the movements.


  • Weight NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Garanty NC


  • It provides a unique exercise experience that is both fun and challenging
  • It offers versatility performing both isolated and integrated exercises
  • Excellent functional training tool for three-dimensional movements
  • Extremely strong
  • Can be used to work on multiple aspects of health and fitness including balance, strength, power and endurance.


  • Product availability is still a bit limited due to its recent introduction to the market
  • No DVD or explanatory sheet
  • The price may prove to be an obstacle for some




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