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TEST / Wondercore Rock N Fit - Vibration Plate

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After the success of the Wonder Core Smart, Wondercore moved upmarket and entered the popular market for vibrating platforms.

Vibrating platforms are booming right now and you are probably wondering what Cfit thinks about it ... It's time to put this Wondercore Rock N Fit to the test.


  • Type Vibrante
  • Power 200 watt
  • Number of Engines 1
  • Vibrations per second NC
  • Frequency NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • Number of Steps 20
  • Number of 3D Axes 1
  • LCD screen OUI
  • Support / Handlebars NON
  • Max Load 150 lbs
  • Board dimension NC
  • Weight 61.5 x 38 x 13.8 feet
  • Poids 14.5 lbs
  • Consumption NC
  • Garanty 2 years

Confort / Ergonomie 4.0/5

Before using it, it must be mounted. Nothing serious because only a few elements need to be assembled. So this is the story of a few minutes.

Once mounted, we can say that the design is attractive. Using the brand's famous colors, Wondercore delivers here a product with modern and sober shapes that reminds us of the Bluefin Ultra Slim. Coincidentally, I don't think Wondercore has made such a specialty of taking what works and putting their logo on it.

Now is the time to test it ... We regret that the guide does not explain the various settings better, but overall the handling is quick and we understand how it works quite quickly.

The WONDERCORE platform works with a remote control and a control center. This allows you to manage the speed, level, and duration of your training session. With over 20 speeds available, you can customize it to suit your daily needs.

In addition to its adjustable speed, the Rock N Fit offers 3 levels of intensity to allow you to adapt your platform to your progress or your form. Overall, this is sufficient for the type of user Wondercore is targeting. (See the Power section)

Thanks to its 3 intensities, and its many accessories supplied, the Rock N FIT platform can be used differently according to your needs and your desires. A multitude of exercises and combinations are thus offered, whether you are standing, sitting, resting on the hands or on the legs, you can work different muscle groups in one session.

The Rock N Fit also incorporates a seat, which is particularly practical for performing certain exercises such as strengthening the abdominal strap. It also allows you to adopt a higher position and thus reduce the strain on your back, and makes it easier for people with reduced mobility to use.

Two resistance bands, for effective work of each muscle group, especially in the upper body, are also provided.

In terms of stability and therefore also safety, the ROCK N FIT is equipped with suction feet, which guarantee good stability during your exercises, without the risk of falling or hurting you. Particularly practical on flat surfaces.

Puissance 2.5/5

Equipped with a 200W motor, the power is sufficient to perform the basic muscle strengthening exercises offered by the device, for people of average build (below 75kg). But as soon as the user's weight is heavier or the exercise offers great resistance, the device feels a little more strained.

This platform is far from the 1000W of the Bluefin Ultra Slim for example, one of its main competitors.

Garantie / Durabilité 3.5/5

As we said above, we were pleasantly surprised by the sober but efficient design as well as by its finishes.

Overall the Rock N’Fit performed well in our test and felt reliable to us. We haven't seen any drop in performance or power, other than the initial lack of power, and it looks well built.

As with all products of this type, French regulations impose a 2-year warranty.

However, we do not have enough hindsight to tell you if this platform will still be so dashing beyond this deadline.

Efficacité 4.0/5

As is often the case, it is in this part that hopes are lowered and that the products fade away ...

So without procrastinating, when it comes to promises to "sculpt your body" or "build muscle" without doing anything, you know, that is not possible. We remind you that to lose fat, or gain muscle volume, you have to combine regular physical activity with a healthy diet.

On the other hand, when it comes to muscle strengthening, the platforms are very practical and provide different and qualitative muscular work by soliciting the fibers in depth.

For all core exercises, pumps, abs and other fitness exercises, you will therefore feel the muscles working and the sessions will undoubtedly challenge your fitness.

The elastics provided also allow, through various exercises, to solicit the upper limbs - the shoulders, biceps, triceps - and pectorals and to strengthen them in depth with each workout.

Conclusion: We must therefore see the vibrating platforms more as additional training tools rather than as all-in-one devices.


  • Good for muscle building
  • Makes muscle groups work differently
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and non-slip
  • Quiet and powerful enough
  • Remote control
  • Pack supplied complete


  • Does not allow weight loss
  • Not effective on its own
  • Power a little low


The Wondercore Rock N fit platform is therefore a device at the standard of the category. Easy to use, it allows you to practice in a more fun way while soliciting different muscle groups.

However, in our opinion, it lacks a bit of power compared to the competition, but makes up for it with its complete ready-to-use package.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of this type of device. The platforms are a useful addition but in no way replace the practice of a regular sporting activity and a healthy diet.



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Confort / Ergonomie


Garantie / Durabilité



3.5 / 5