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reviewer Published le 10 Février à 13:14
Bluefin Fitness is one of the world leaders in the fitness market today, thanks in particular to their new generation platforms. Vibrating platforms are intended for users wishing to lose weight or gain muscle mass. After the Bluefin 3D, it's now time for the Bluefin Ultra Slim vibrating platform. But what is a vibrating platform really good for and what is the Bluefin Ultra Slim worth? This is what we will attempt to answer here.


The Ultra Slim, a model known for its excellent ratio price-quality and which surprises with its many levels of intensity and different programs, elements that accentuate its versatility.

As you have noticed, The Bluefin Ultra Slim is an affordable platform that has all the features essential to keep in shape or develop muscles. Its characteristics make it easier for you exercises and it’s a very easy to use template that comes with everything necessary to accentuate its ergonomics.


  • Type NC
  • Power NC
  • Number of Engines NC
  • Vibrations per second NC
  • Frequency NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • Number of Steps NC
  • Number of 3D Axes NC
  • LCD screen NC
  • Support / Handlebars NC
  • Max Load NC
  • Board dimension NC
  • Weight NC
  • Poids NC
  • Consumption NC
  • Garanty NC

Confort / Ergonomie 4.0/5

What you can see at first glance is that the Ultra Slim strongly resembles the Bluefin 3D model, the only difference is that it doesn't include 3D technology.

Other than this detail, the Bluefin Ultra Slim has a clean design. It features a large training surface that puts users at ease and prevents them from slipping awkwardly during exercise.

In order to satisfy its various users, this vibrating platform unveils 5 training programs and 180 levels of intensity. The settings of the parameters are done with the remote control delivered with the product.

It is also to note that it has the advantage of being equipped with a conn Bluetooth connection that allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout your exercises, with quality speakers. integrated. The LCD screen that is located board, shows workout time, vibration frequency and speed so you can keep pace with your workout.

As a bonus, you receive a nutrition guide that provides you with valuable tips for healthy eating.

Puissance 4.0/5

The 1000-watt motor that powers the Utrla Slim provides enough power for most exercises and builds. You don't need to choose between vibrating and oscillating platform!

Efficacité 3.0/5

If your goal is muscle building, this platform may be the perfect device for you. On the other hand, if you want to get yourself a platform to lose weight, we will disappoint you.

Weight Loss:

As we said in our dedicated dossier, vibrating platforms do not allow, alone, weight loss. They can nevertheless contribute to it. But remember that the results you get will come more from the exercises you do once on the platform rather than relying on the vibrations and oscillations of the platform alone.

And if your goal is to lose weight (and / or fat), we recommend that you instead turn to devices and exercises that place more stress on the body. cardio to burn more calories.

Strengthening & muscle toning:

The Bluefin Ultra Slim vibrating platform offers 5 training programs previously - registered. Varied programs that allow you a wide range of training and that will bring you as close as possible to your goals.

Sold with pulling ropes, this fitness equipment features contribution the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back. And at use, you can feel the muscles being solicited. In addition to firming your muscles, the Ultra Slim allows you to work on your posture by strengthening the abdominal belt. A performance that it get from its different functionalities.

The elasticity; of these ropes precisely helps to make the movements more flexible, which quickly makes sudden and jerky movements.


  • A wide choice of programs and intensities
  • A Bluetooth connection
  • Its attractive price
  • Power of engine


  • Does not allow fat loss
  • Machine a little heavy if we compare it to some models
  • 3D technology is absent on this model


The Bluefin Ultra Slim is all about a high-performance fitness machine. Solid, sleek design, connectivity, numerous programs, powerful engine, etc.… It's a vibrant platform that has it all. And its dimensions make it easy to use without being too bulky.
It has a powerful motor that sends frequencies of vibrations to specific areas. Thanks to its features and the accessories provided, it allows you to train and strengthen many muscle groups. Programs as interesting as each other are included to give you a real boost.
So, if you want, in addition to regular training, to solicit your muscles in other ways, that's great. On the other hand, if your goal is to lose weight or eliminate fat, its effectiveness will be limited ...



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Confort / Ergonomie




4.0 / 5