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TEST / Bluefin Fitness 3D Vibration Plate

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The Bluefin 3D vibrating platform is the model that is causing a stir right now. The product is indeed a victim of its success in the world of fitness. It must be recognized that this vibrating platform has several advantages. Multifunctional, intuitive, fast, it really stands out among its peers.


And since choosing a platform is not easy, here is our opinion of Cfit on this equipment.


  • Type Vibrante
  • Power 1000 watt
  • Number of Engines 2
  • Vibrations per second 5 – 12
  • Frequency NC
  • Number of Programs 5
  • Number of Steps 180
  • Number of 3D Axes 3
  • LCD screen OUI
  • Support / Handlebars NON
  • Max Load 150 lbs
  • Board dimension 17.7 x 30.5 feet
  • Weight 17.7 x 30.5 x 5.9 feet
  • Poids 19 lbs
  • Consumption NC
  • Garanty NC

Confort / Ergonomie 4.0/5

With the 3D vibration technology at work, the muscles will contract smoothly with the high Yes, unlike a classic platform, this one produces both linear vibrations and lateral oscillations, perfect for toning muscles and achieving physical fitness.

The machine has a large non-slip work surface, so no risk of slipping during sessions. features two efficient engines for top performance (we will come back to this later in the performance section).

A screen LCD display is on board. Large and well-lit, it shows the duration, type of vibrations, intensity levels of your sessions. You do not lose any of your progress!

The platform is Equipped with Bluetooth speakers to listen to your music during your sessions, resistance bands and an ergonomic remote control that allows you to manage all the settings. distance without interrupting your training. An instruction manual is also provided to help you with your diet, not to mention a complete training guide that also acts as a virtual personal coach.

Very stable, this vibrating platform can support a maximum weight of 150 kg. It is therefore possible without using it at body weight or with an additional load.

Puissance 4.5/5

But the particularity of the Bluefin 3D lies in the fact that it accommodates 2 motors with a power of 500 Watts each, a double motorization which maximizes its efficiency.

Efficacité 3.5/5

You will also be able to burn the maximum fat and find the line by opting for this mod

Burning fat and accelerating weight loss are also part of the promises that come with it this platform. So what about?

IF the vibrations allow effect of toning the skin and reaching the fat cells, don't expect to lose fat with it. Shaking the skin has never made anyone lose fat.

This device is therefore to be used in a specific context and as a supplement to a healthy diet and regular exercise. This machine will therefore not make it possible to put an end to the accumulation of cellulite as promoted by certain malicious sites.

is effortless bodybuilding, again caution should be taken: although there is no silver bullet and rather than saying they muscle effortlessly, it is more accurate to say that these platforms maximize the effects of the different exercises.

So you can have the results of a hard training, without getting exhausted.

Based on a vibration and oscillation technique, this platform works the different muscles of the body simultaneously while producing between 5 and 13 vibrations per second.

The results are noticeable from the first use. And with its 180 vibration levels and 5 workout programs, you won't be short of ideas for customizing your workouts and adapting them to your level, depending on your level. of your needs.

In addition to targeted muscle building, the Bluefin 3D vibrating platform provides vibrations that strengthen the muscles of the back, the abdomen and pelvis, perfect for postural balance

Thanks to a system that emits 3D vibrations, the different muscle groups are requested. These contract and firm quickly, while involving the joints and tendons.


  • Its double engine
  • Its large platform
  • Its excellent value for money
  • Its 180 levels of intensity
  • Advantages of 3D technology
  • its integrated bluetooth speakers


  • Does not allow weight loss
  • Lack of support bar
  • His weight
  • A little noisy



If we were to define this model in a few words, we would simply say that it is a real digest of technology that has many arguments to make. Sold with complete equipment, powerful motors and numerous training possibilities, it will undoubtedly find a place in your home in addition to regular physical activity


If you are looking for a sleek looking device with great in-car features, then go for this model.



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Confort / Ergonomie




4.0 / 5