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TEST / V-Fit MXC1 Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
The V-Fit MXC1 is a foldable, ultra-compact, easily transportable exercise bike. It has an ultra-quiet magnetic brake system, a flywheel for smooth pedaling, a comfortable adjustable seat and 8 resistance levels for progressive work. Its discreet and easy-to-use console allows you to follow the progress of your training at any time. Finally, its modern and attractive design as well as its technical characteristics offer an ideal solution to maintain its shape on a daily basis.


When it comes to choosing a suitable exercise bike for these needs, that is often a headache. Fortunately for you, V-Fit offers you a "turnkey" solution. which offers the perfect compromise between user comfort, compactness and quality / price ratio.

For whom?
This bike is particularly suitable for people who are new to physical activity or who want to maintain (for moderate to regular use 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times per week).

Overall quality
Overall this product is of very good quality . Its robustness and stability authorized by the quality of the assemblies and materials allow it to withstand high intensities even with users of more than 90 kg.

The instructions are indeed in English as has been mentioned, but it is very well pictured and therefore even a person who is not very skilled with these hands should not have any difficulty in riding the bike. Assembly of about 10-30 minutes.
We meet on the internet reviews some people who have had difficulty closing the battery box. We did not have this problem but if it does happen it is usually sufficient to change the batteries to thinner ones.

The resistance is very progressive but the bearings are not not very marked. The 8 resistance levels allow constant progression without being restrictive.
But keep in mind that this bike is designed above all for people wishing to resume physical activity or to maintain themselves. Experienced athletes looking for more difficulties, will have to turn to a more suitable bike, such as the Reebok B5.7e .

Comfort of use
The saddle, for everyday use around 30 minutes per session, which is recommended for this bike, remains very comfortable, compared to many other models in the same price bracket.
It is adjustable to 4 heights, which covers approximately 1 , 60 meters to 1.80 meters. Pedaling is a little different from a real bike, as the crankset is moved forward from the bust.
The pedals are wide and have an adjustable toe clip to maintain the foot during practice.

The display console for information relating to your effort is in fact a small box located in the middle of the handlebars.
The computer data are, in order: the pedaling time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned (even if the reliability of this data remains "approximate"), and heartbeats (both hands must be in contact with the handlebars). Scan function allows you to scroll through all this data in a cycle of 30 seconds. Warning the data displayed for the kilometers traveled are in miles and the speed in mph.
< br> Size
Although the bike does not have wheels, its light weight (15kg) and its compactness allow it to be moved easily.
The very small size when folded allows it to be easily stored in a cupboard


  • Type of resistance Magnétique
  • Flywheel Weight NC
  • Levels of resistance NC
  • Sit Height NC
  • Profondeur guidon réglable NC
  • Alimentation NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • LCD Screen Monochrome
  • Foldable OUI
  • Transportation wheel OUI
  • Backrest OUI
  • Heart rate monitor OUI
  • Guidon multiprise/positions NC
  • Max User Height (cm) NC
  • Min User Height (cm) NC
  • Seat height NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Dimensions Folded NC
  • Weight NC
  • Max Weight NC
  • Backrest Adjustable NC
  • Poignées de Siège NC
  • Tablette Support NC
  • Garanty NC


  • Access price, among the cheapest
  • Robust and stable
  • HYPER silent, very convenient for home use
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Design
  • Pulse calculation
  • Easy assembly


  • Low increment between steps
  • English doc (but easy to assemble)
  • Unit of speed and distance traveled in English (miles and mph)
  • Data on approximate calories burned
  • Pedaling position


This product is THE benchmark in this range of cycling equipment. With a very good quality / price ratio, less than 100 €, it is quite simply a very good product. Granted, it's not a competition bike, but it performs the essentials. We were particularly impressed with its ease of use and the features it offers. We recommend it, of course.



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3.5 / 5