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TEST / Acoustibuds - Adapters for headphones

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
According to the manufacturer, these adapters are designed to provide a better fit and better distribution of sound in the ear. Acoustibuds are designed to fit standard "flat-sided" headphones included with Apple iPod and iPhone, Microsoft Zune, and MP3 players. The Acoustibuds also fit most headphones sold on the market (Bluetooth headphones such as the Z9 BlueAnt Jawbone2 and Apple). Available in white or black, in sizes 5 and 6.


One of the common problems with headphones is that they don't stay in place, especially when you exercise. The Acoustibuds claim to have solved this problem. These silicone adapters are designed to fit on most MP3 players, including iPod. Easy to attach, the Acoustibuds are available in two sizes. Five or six "fins" (depending on the size) keep it in the ear canal. We have found that the smallest size is generally sufficient for most ears (size 6 is often too big) and that the product is a pleasure to use, whether during cardio workouts or when you follow. coaching sessions via your MP3 (such as yoga and abdominal exercises).


  • Bluetooth OUI
  • Waterproof OUI
  • Volume NC
  • Garanty NC
  • Battery life NC


  • Silicone adapters effectively keep the headphones in place during activity
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable price


  • Slightly lower sound quality


The sound quality is somewhat compromised, but the price is reasonable and the benefit of not having to reinsert the headphones every time you turn your head can make the Acoustibuds a worthwhile compromise.



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4.0 / 5