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TEST / Malibu Bi Zoom CARE Rowing Machine

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:34
The Malibu Bi Zoom CARE rower is a Latin (or Scandinavian) type rower. The Bi Zoom is a hydraulic pump rower, with manual resistance adjustment, equipped with the Compact Skiff Concept system Faithfully reproducing the movement of a real rower, it will allow you to train comfortably at home by soliciting both your upper, lower limbs and your cardio.


The CARE FITNESS brand is one of the main brands on the fitness equipment market in France. They design and manufacture fitness bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, rowers (Latin rowers, Scandinavian rowers, air rowers and center pull rowers), vibrating platforms, weight machines and all kinds of training & fitness accessories. CARE FITNESS products are designed for home fitness, rehabilitation, professional or semi-professional fitness. 40 years of experience now position the CARE brand among the leaders in the fitness equipment market, an experience that gives CARE the guarantee of products of industrial quality and validated by the professional expertise of the medical world with which it still pursues today. hui his collaboration. CARE FITNESS products are sold under various brands: Intensive line, CARE, CARE First Line, MediCARE, BodyCARE, STRIALE and IxoSport.


The Malibu Bi Rower ZoomCARE is a so-called "Scandinavian" or "Latin" rower, that is to say, it faithfully reproduces the movement of a real rowing. The Bi Zoom is a hydraulic pump rower, with resistance adjustment, equipped with the Compact Skiff Concept system (to best reproduce the real movement of rowing.). The resistance by large capacity hydraulic pumps perfectly reproduces the resistance of water. The resistance adjustment is done manually in 12 positions via a crank located at the top of the piston. Comfort: The aluminum beam fitted to the Bi Zoom Care offers optimal seat comfort. In addition, the Bi Zoom is equipped with the length adjustment of the footrest in 3 positions as well as an anatomical seat for perfect ergonomics during practice.

Compact Skiff Concept: The oars cross (allowing circular motion) as on a real single scull (oar). This concept best reproduces the actual movement of rowing, as if you were on a body of water. Use requires more technique, but this system also allows greater mobilization of large muscle groups.

Resistance: Resistance by high-capacity hydraulic pumps perfectly simulating the resistance of water. Resistance adjustment by hydraulic self-adjustable pumps in 12 positions.

Console: Computer Bi - Zoom with simultaneous reading of the functions: Speed, Distance, Heart pulses, Time, Oar stroke per minute, Cumulative distance (Odometer )


  • Type Latin
  • Flying Wheel NC
  • Type of resistance Hydraulic
  • Levels of resistance NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • LCD Screen Monochrome
  • Foldable NO
  • Transportation wheel NO
  • Backrest NO
  • Height reglable NO
  • Cushion System NC
  • Dimensions NC
  • Dimensions (folded) NC
  • Weight NC
  • Max Weight NC
  • Max User Height NC
  • Garanty NC



  • Reproduces the real movement of a rower
  • Very well suited, good value for money
  • Foldable and takes up little space.
  • Comfort of use
  • Good quality of workmanship and general finish
  • Possibility of measuring heartbeats (optional)
  • Wide screen


  • No measurement of calories burned
  • Does not strain the legs enough (No height adjustment)
  • Optional ear clip heart rate sensor
  • Upgradeable dashboard (at no cost)
  • General size


The CARE Malibu Bi Zoom is a solid and well-finished device that allows the muscles of the upper body and, to a lesser extent, the legs to work very satisfactorily. The assembly is not too complex and the finishes very neat.It is an ideal product to solicit both your different muscle groups and your cardio.As for the reviews, even if they are not numerous, we will note all the same, the lack of information regarding the number of calories burned (expended), the inability to adjust the rower in height, and a larger display of the heart rate would be more appropriate. As you will have understood, despite some slight Defects, the Malibu Bi ZoomCARE is a very good product overall.With daily use, the Malibu Care is pleasant while remaining effective. A product that we therefore gladly recommend.



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3.5 / 5