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TEST / Concept2 Rowing Machine Model D

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Concept2 Model D Rower is the benchmark rower in home sports, sports and fitness clubs, but also in the physical preparation of top athletes. The reliability and robustness of the Concept2 Rowers have made them the best-selling rowers in the world.


The Concept2 Model D Rower provides you with everything you need to perform quality workouts at home. Foldable and equipped with air braking, the Concept2 rower is recognized as the benchmark in indoor rowing. Used daily by the French Rowing Federation and its 400 clubs, but also by the army, fitness clubs, not to mention professional sports structures (INSEP, Roland Garros, Marcoussis, Clairefontaine, etc.). Its reliability and robustness make Concept2 the best-selling brand of rowing machines in the world.

Rowing, a complete effort in complete safety
The rowing machine, a cardio device for all. Its design with simple and ergonomic mechanics allows everyone, from the occasional user to the high level athlete, to benefit from the many advantages of a complete physical exercise which reproduces the gesture of rowing, in addition to presenting physical performance faithful to the effort provided during the practice of this sport.
An effective cardio-vascular training which will allow you to increase your level of physical form and tone your body.
The material conforms to the ISO 20957-1: 2013 standard relating to the safety requirements of stationary training equipment.

Rowing machines are beneficial to health
Weight control, improvement of the cardiovascular system, rehabilitation, fitness, cross-training…

Foldable (removable) in two parts, the Concept2 rower can be easily stored in your home.

Concept2, a rower without programmed obsolescence
The Concept2 rower is designed for last more than 10 years in a professional environment ional (fitness clubs, etc.) and more than 15 years in your home.
The materials used are of high quality:
- the monorail is made of aluminum and can support up to 135 kg
- the running track is made of stainless steel
- the chain is made of metal (and not of rope as on certain entry-level models)
- the body of the rower is made of steel
- the wheel is made of steel and plastic
- the footrest is made of plastic
The Concept2 Model D Rower is available in 2 colors: light gray and black (particularly popular with Crossfit enthusiasts).
The Concept2 Model D Rower with PM5 display
The backlit display allows the Bluetooth connection for closer monitoring of your sessions. Please note that the PM5 monitor supports Bluetooth Smart (or Low Energy), which is a technology different from "classic" Bluetooth.
There are also several games available to distract you (and make training less strenuous ).
The machine records your sessions and shows you the figures (average training data: distance ...).

Possibility to use a USB key as storage medium, replacing the internal memory.
Compatible with ANT + HR ™ (Suunto ™, Garmin ™) and Bluetooth® Smart (Polar ™ H7, WearLink +,…) heart rate monitors.
The old belts (Polar H1 and T31) and the relay Polar receiver can no longer be used with the PM5.

Items supplied with the Model D Rower:
1 PM5 monitor (electrically autonomous: the energy of the wheel feeds the screen while you row) and its user manual and instructions for assembly, as well as 2 LR20 batteries - type D.


  • Type Central Draw
  • Flying Wheel NC
  • Type of resistance Air
  • Levels of resistance NC
  • Number of Programs NC
  • LCD Screen Monochrome
  • Foldable YES
  • Transportation wheel YES
  • Backrest NO
  • Height reglable NO
  • Cushion System NC
  • Dimensions 244 x 61 x 36
  • Dimensions (folded) NC
  • Weight 57.3 lbs
  • Max Weight 485.1 lbs
  • Max User Height 82.7 in
  • Garanty NC



  • Excellent rower
  • Recognized brand
  • Used by the best
  • Solid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet
  • Many features
  • Compatible with many heart rate monitors
  • Foldable
  • Dimensions
  • Max user weight
  • Quality / price ratio


  • Handles too rigid
  • (Price)


This "market leader" rower keeps its promises: quality item, robust, easy to assemble, fluid. The software provided is in tune: simple and effective. In addition the electronics are very powerful and the connectivity with your mobile devices perfect.
If you look at the characteristics of this article, it is because you know its capacities and technicalities and indeed everything responds perfectly to what is indicated .

In short, the quality of the rowers of this brand is well established, professionals use it and it is not for nothing. We can therefore say that there is the Concept2 rower and all the others. For those who are used to using this brand indoors, you will find the same sensations or even better, the rower being new.

This is a rather expensive item. But you should know that it is above all an ergonometer. sold under the denomination of "rower", intended for sportsmen practicing the activity on the water.
If you plan to buy a rower, and if you intend to use it frequently, invest for the long term. I would strongly advise you to save a little longer to afford this model, rather than buying lower-end devices, certainly cheaper, but which will have a shorter lifespan…

A balance sheet very positive therefore, since this rower fully meets our expectations. It is an almost pro rower that, you will understand, we recommend with closed eyes.



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4.5 / 5