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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:33
The GoWear Fit cuff is a small, multi-sensor computer that measures movement, steps, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, and heat flux. With this information, it tracks calorie expenditure, physical activity, steps taken, and sleep duration (and sleep quality).

The GoWear fit Lifestyle & Calorie BodyMedia's Management System is a calorie management system that consists of an electronic armband that calculates calories burned and measures steps, level of physical activity and quality of sleep. An optional watch (sold separately) allows for minute-to-minute updates to be viewed, and an online activity management center (running as a subscription) analyzes the data to help users define and achieve their goals and monitor their progress.


When it comes to staying healthy or achieving specific goals, such as losing weight or increasing physical activity, knowledge is power. After all, it's hard to lie to yourself when your pedometer shows that you're way below your physical activity goal for the day. Likewise, by having a clear idea of ​​how many calories you've burned, it may be easier to limit what you consume.

The quest for more information is the main reason why trackers d activity have become so popular. One of the most complete devices on the market is without a doubt the GoWear Fit Lifestyle & amp; Calorie Management from BodyMedia. It has a lightweight cuff that can be worn day or night to track a variety of physical characteristics including calories burned and steps taken. This information is then uploaded and analyzed on GoWear Online Activity Manager, a subscription-based website that allows users to track their progress over time. An optional watch (sold separately) helps keep track of calories and minute-by-minute steps.

The cuff itself is relatively comfortable, but it is quite bulky and is visible through light clothing . The cuff should be washed regularly, especially if the workouts are particularly sweating (users sensitive to skin irritations should be especially careful). Likewise, people sleeping on their side will find it difficult to wear it at night. Once a week, an alarm sounds to remind users to charge the device (for about three hours). The watch (optional) looks like a large heart rate monitor and is not particularly attractive, a clip is included if users prefer to wear it on a belt.You have the option to calculate your average calorie intake with a Online nutritional assessment tool.Monthly subscription for online service lines starts from € 5 per month (if you sign up for one year) or € 10 per month without commitment.
< br> Even at the lowest price, it's almost 60 € per year, but without this online service the GoWear is useless. Likewise, without the watch, users have to visit the site throughout the day to find out if they are meeting their daily activity goals.Putting the price aside, however, the manager Online Activity allows users to set daily calorie and distance, calorie intake, fitness goals, and analyze data from the previous four weeks. The device emits a series of tones when goals are met throughout the day. The duration of sleep and its quality are also monitored.


  • Type Bracelet
  • Battery life NC
  • OSX Compatibility OUI
  • Android Compatibility OUI
  • Sleep function OUI
  • Garanty NC


  • Precise device for recording and monitoring daily physical activity
  • Easy to use, site Interactive web for downloading and analyzing data
  • Very good motivational tool for weight loss


  • The price, especially with the watch and the monthly subscription for the online tracking service. The device itself is largely useless without these two things. .
  • The armband can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear all the time and the watch display is not done very well
  • The cuff can cause skin irritation, especially during heavy sweating workouts


The GoWear Fit is not a heart rate monitor, rather it calculates exercise intensity and calorie expenditure by measuring the skin's galvanic response, temperature and heat flow. As such, it appears to offer a more accurate reading than activity trackers that use a formula for calculating calories (using weight, age, and activity level).

For people who are looking for a way to achieve specific goals regarding their weight or activity level, the GoWear Fit can certainly provide a lot of information, guidelines and motivation. Online Activity Manager is easy to use and provides a wealth of information and data analysis to help users make better food choices and become more active throughout the day.

However, the high cost of the material (150 € for the armband and the watch), combined with the monthly subscription, makes GoWear a device intended for the most “dedicated” users with a specific purpose. For those who are simply looking to better understand their activity and sleep patterns, less expensive and easier to use devices are available on the market.



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