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TEST / Compex Wireless USA 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

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reviewer Published le 3 Janvier à 16:37
The Compex Wireless is a state-of-the-art wireless electrostimulator. Designed for high-level athletes, it is particularly indicated to help recovery after sustained effort. Equipped with the Mi-Technology ™ system and electrode placement aid, it also has an online coach so you can design your own workouts and adapt to all of your goals.


Compex is a Swiss brand which has developed unrivaled expertise for over twenty years in the fields of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Over the years, Compex's flagship electrostimulation technology has become a “must have” for professional athletes. It is now a widely known and recognized supplemental training technique used for physical preparation, muscle recovery, injury prevention and pain management. Supported by clinical trials proving their effectiveness, Compex stimulators belong to the class II medical device category and meet the requirements of the European 93/42 EEC medical standard.

Athletes commonly use muscle stimulators and in particular Compex to recover after intense exercise, training or competition. But their use has become more democratic in recent years. The official Compex website offers detailed descriptions and direct orders for all Compex models. The prices are much higher than the competing models. The Compex currently sold are the Compex Sport Elite (€ 999.99), the Compex Performance (€ 579.99), the Compex Fitness Trainer (€ 429.99) and recently, the Compex Wireless Electrostimulator (wireless), the subject of our essay.

How it works

Electrostimulation consists of transmitting a variable electrical impulse (duration and intensity) to different muscles through electrodes. The electrical impulse causes the muscular contraction of the chosen muscle or muscles without the central nervous system (brain) being involved. The reaction is similar to what occurs during exercise, but the contraction remains passive, the nerve information not coming from you. Formerly by wires, now by waves, electricity travels from the portable unit to the electrodes where the muscle is stimulated. By varying the duration and intensity of the electrical impulse, it is possible to choose the type of session (strength endurance, mass gain, tone, firming up, recovery, etc.) with extreme precision.


Compex models vary in many ways, but what brings them together is the number of preset programs available on the device. The programs are configured for different uses, including massage, cool-down, warm-up, resistance and strength.
With this model it is no less than 50 warm-up, massage, cool-down exercises that are offered.

Wireless technology
COMPEX Wireless offers professional, safe and effective stimulation with greater convenience for sports enthusiasts who want to train like professionals. COMPEX Wireless is very easy to set up. No son, no worries. Perform your workout with absolute freedom of movement.

Box / Control
The COMPEX Wireless 'remote control' fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to carry, even during your training session. The color LCD screen offers optimal visibility, an intuitive interface and displays detailed information about the different programs, electrode placement and much more. You will no longer have to read dense manuals. All the information is just a click away.

Today, the COMPEX Wireless is without a doubt the most advanced electrostimulation device for sports enthusiasts on the market. Compex has notably improved its Mi-Technology ™ muscle intelligence muscle recognition system. Consequently, each of the four modules can analyze the different physiological characteristics of the muscle to which it is “attached”. Mid-Tech adapts its impulses accordingly to provide a more comfortable and personalized session.

Online Coach
COMPEX Wireless offers you a complete set of programs and goals, all available online. In addition, a personal smart coaching program helps you choose the right workout for your specific needs. Do you want to be ready for the next marathon, recover from your next successful triathlon, treat your lower back pain or just optimize your training? Each session you select or create online offers a tailor-made program to achieve your individual and specific goal. This goal-based coaching concept dramatically improves the effect of your e-stim workouts by integrating them into your regular training regimen. By synchronizing the box with the web interface, you can keep track of your progress or choose additional training programs according to the specificity of the sport, the target body areas. Online, you can download over 50 programs and create an unlimited number of goals. (ONLY ON PC for now)

Before starting to use Compex Wireless, you must connect the remote control (box) to a computer and register on the Compex site. Still binding step. On paper, the Compex is compatible with a Mac or a Windows PC. We tested both, but were unsuccessful on Mac and it was difficult to do on Windows, especially when it came to exchanging the device ID number.

Once installed, you need to configure it. You can add a program or an objective. For each of them, the site will provide a list of exercises to do with the Compex Wireless in the form of a calendar. The program is an association between a category (rehabilitation, physical preparation, recovery, massage…) and the targeted area of ​​the body (by clicking on the little man on the screen).
One added, this one can be found under program form in the Compex Wireless, program that can be carried out on the fly without having to follow the agenda. The objective is determined by the association between a sport (running, trail, downhill skiing, cycling, triathlon, football, etc.), a category (physical preparation, pain relief, prevention, recovery) and an area of ​​the body that the you want to work or a program.
Once the objective has been added, it is found in the form of different exercises in the diary and is automatically synchronized with the Compex Wireless.

It should be noted that on the site, a lot of information is available to explain what electrostimulation brings in this configuration and how to place the electrodes correctly for the exercise.


  • Number of Programs NC
  • Number of electrodes NC
  • Battery life NC
  • Wifi YES
  • Garanty NC



  • Various predefined programs
  • Possibility to design your own sessions
  • Customizable sessions
  • Mi-technology
  • Wireless: total freedom of movement
  • Real effects on recovery
  • Muscle toning
  • Electrode placement aid
  • Professional quality
  • Contemporary design
  • Ease of use


  • Very high price
  • Incompatibility with Mac OS
  • Quite long configuration (registration)
  • Quite bland PC interface
  • Used alone, does not allow development muscle
  • Does not allow weight loss
  • Gel not provided


The effectiveness of Compex and more generally of electrostimulation in improving muscle performance and reducing recovery time is no longer to be proven. Compex has demonstrated their supremacy in the field for a long time. Here, they have outdone themselves in terms of quality and design, so this is a very pleasant pro product that has only scratched the surface of the capabilities.

For the average user, this device will not be of much use. The Compex is a professional device dedicated to high-level athletes and health and sports professionals who want optimal performance. The Wireless is therefore a cutting-edge product with, however, one major flaw, its compatibility with Mac OS.

As for the rest, it offers quite exceptional performance which unfortunately comes at a high price.



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3.5 / 5