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As the practice of sport progresses, the tools related to practices have also progressed. And......Read +

As the practice of sport progresses, the tools related to practices have also progressed. And this is particularly the case with headphones with integrated mp3 player. The music player market is constantly changing. Gone are the days of the simple digital audio player, it has become a real multimedia and sports tool. With or without wire, these devices are more and more specialized for the practice. It can even be waterproof if you practice an aquatic activity.

The question to ask is that of use: do we want a player that can be used underwater or on land? We have therefore updated our comparison of portable players by striving to better understand the use of each of the products: a portable player can thus be extremely powerful in audio, but offer poor ergonomics of use, or vice versa. Do not hesitate to consult our sub-notes, in order to get a more precise idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the product that interests you.



This paragraph studies the management of the basic functions that any player offers to its user. Construction, connectivity, screen quality, fluidity of navigation, tactile or physical controls: everything is detailed there.

This paragraph focuses on the optional features that the reader offers. It is about counter formats, waterproof quality, app, and even pedometer. Find out well, you might come across certain features that you would not have imagined, and which in the end can be useful.

Sound quality
Yes, audio players too, like headphones, can offer more or less good sound performance. The power in particular, along with the distortion rate, is important: in fact, the more energy your headphones will consume, the more the player will have to be up to the task. It is also the place of the test where the quality is analyzed in various environments.



The headsets / players undergo a very complete battery of tests: the first part is done in the lab where dynamic, power and distortion rate tests are carried out. The second battery of tests is carried out on the preferred terrain of these objects, in real conditions.

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